Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fever Dreams

Guess alcohol isn't the only thing that makes us see things.

A lil bit of fever can do the same. Just this afternoon, I suddenly developed a touch of high temperature whether fahrenheit or centigrade - not sure what aggravated it. Blame it on a pyrexia of unknown origin. As usual I eschewed pharmacological treatment and started on a regime of fluids and fruits.

Certainly not high enough to cause delirium though I kinda got suspicious when guys I'd never normally go for start looking somewhat hawt. No doubt my sexual deprivation lately played a part.

Yet when Winsome Wandell walked in, I felt hot all over. Fever - I'm afire, fever yea I burn forsooth! Shivered when I caught his meltingly dark almond eyes gazing at me. Even developed a trickle of sweat that went down my back.

Still lucid enough to call for help, I immediately messaged Laidback Larry and Statuesque Sarah. After all they could help restrain me if I went a tad crazy from my fever hallucinations and propositioned poor Wandell..

Paul : Must be the fever but suddenly Wandell looks doable. Hell, I'd jump him right there on the operating table if I could.
Sarah : Dang the fever. It's causing you to see things. Stay away!

Real thankful for that cold slap of reality - as I was just this close to helping him retrieve the ringing cellphone in his pants. And I'm never that helpful.

Hell, I'm burning up!

But the immediate reply from Larry surprised me.

Larry : he's actually okay la. See, his arms are pretty big under those scrubs.
Paul : Gotta check it out when I stalk the changing rooms then.
Larry : Well maybe not underwear model type but maybe old-fashioned scuba trunks.
Paul : Not a thong guy then?

Dang. Who knew. Straight guys can still surprise me.

Fever dreams. Maybe I should reach for some paracetamol.


David the Man said...

Oh you have just posted up a blog? I am not asleep now, though it is now 12:20am in Japan already. Still blog-hopping around. And keep coming back to your blog.

chase / chubz said...

wow, freaking hot!

Glog said...

I actually find scrubs a very kinky thing...

Thanks to Grey's Anatomy...

Queer Ranter said...

Why paracetamol?! Sex cures all ailments! Go do the big armed scrub guy! :P

Wan Leonardo said...

ahh! Just take a rest! i1m sure ur back in reality at no time! :) (Beware of temporary shiny things)

Perky said...

I agree with Queer Ranter on the sex cures all ailments part. I was had this grand uncle of fevers that came complete with splitting headaches and a mega blocked nose.

But after I got it on, Wow! All that sickness just went away miraculously ;)

William said...

Can still find SCUBA in the market ah?!

Little Dove said...

Always mesmerized by Michael Buble's "Fever." A wish for you to get well soon.

savante said...

You mean it's the same time in japan, david?

Talking about the guy, chase. Totally agree.

Well the scrubs we wear are shapeless and dull, glog.

Doubt he's gay, queer rant. And I think he's married anyway.

Will do so, wan leonardo. Good advice.

But where do I find that kinda sex cure, perky.

Was curious myself and went out to look, william. Found some surprisingly. Guess not everyone spends a mini fortune on undies.

One of my favourite songs, little dove.