Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Doctor and the Janitor

Gosh, I've just realized that I've turned into an elitist bitch.

Before this I'd have claimed almost shockingly egalitarian beliefs gleaned from my hippie-wannabe socialista parents who drummed such ideas into us from the crib. It was all about Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité ever since then with my childhood marked with occasional revolts and hunger strikes. All ending with my democratic parents ( their policies waver! ) throwing in their votes to silence our vociferous protests.

And then came adulthood where all my sadly battered ideals went crashing down the proverbial drain. You see, I just found out that my ex-colleague from some years back finally got engaged. Long since put on the shelf as the saying goes, a disappointed Ayesha had already started collecting cats and darning mittens for her lonely retirement - so you can imagine what joy I felt on finally wishing her well on her engagement!

Paul : Wonderful news. So who's the lucky man?
Ayesha : Well, he's the hospital janitor.
Paul : Oh. I wish you all the best.

All very civil, polite and friendly, I swear - felt just like a freaking politician kissing babies. Of course this is what I actually wanted to say.

Paul : Wonderful news. So who's the lucky man?
Ayesha : Yes, he's the hospital janitor.
Paul : You are fucking kidding me. Getting desperate trolling around in the sewers now?

It wasn't my finest moment, I'll admit.

Though I'll admit I wasn't objecting to his social class as much. Well maybe a smidgen. I was thinking more of a meeting of the minds. Or not in their case. Seriously. What would crop up in their conversation? Would they be forever talking abot mundane household matters only? Would they even be able to discuss certain topics and issues intellectually?

Widening differences?

Does it even matter?

Love between persons of different castes or social strata have been in the forefront of literature and poetry - and Bollywood dramas - since forever. Very few have gotten their happy endings unfortunately. Not all the sultry sweat-soaked Hindi songs can possibly bring them together - not without their share of tragedy.

Look at it seriously. Romantic idealists would peek through their rose-tinted glasses and claim that love conquers all. But does it really? We only catch the lovers in the hopeful beginning. After their whirlwind romance settles down, what would Cinderella and the Prince talk about apart from housecleaning chores and pet-husbandry? Would Sleeping Beauty - after a comatose century - be able to catch up with the latest IT trends even with her charming beau around? Would the Mermaid be able to enjoy sashimi and unagi as much as her air-breathing land-lubber husband?

And what would a doctor say to her janitor?

Maybe in their case, they can look past all that. So I'm hopeful for the both of them. Someone tell me I'm an elitist snob who has gotten things all wrong. Maybe - fingers crossed - they could actually make it work.

Maybe love can find a way.


Wan Leonardo said...

A plumber wouldn't be so bad..but a janitor..erm..? Well, love is blind ain't it?

Bengbeng said...

You will be surprised Paul. Once kids come into the equation, time passes quickly enough and both parties get carried away with the parenting process and before you know it, they will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. :)

i am not saying the odds of success are 100% but it might just work

asm@di said...

i'm happy that your friend finally finds her jodoh.

being someone who peeks from behind his rose-tinted glasses, i would say you'd be surprise how some people can have things in common despite the different social classes.

i must also slap your wrist a bit and reprimand you for the implied double standard towards women. if this is a male doctor marrying some pretty minah kilang, it would hardly be news at all, but when a female doctors marrying a janitor, people tongues are wagging and the woman would be branded as desperate, tak laku and the list goes on and on.

i'm sure your friend has thought things through. let's not be too judgmental and give the couple a chance.

p/s i can just about guess what a cynic response to my comment would be :D

Lewis said...

An elitist bitch? You? Oh my. Maybe a little less coffee???? More sex?

Annie said...

In common? What do they need in common if they're having wild monkey sex and it's all goooooooooood. *snicker* We're just all jealous of her - Yeah, that's it. We're not snobs - it's called penis envy.

God! Did I just say that. :XX
Well, only because YOU would understand.

deeperanddeeper said...

Yeah, you elitist bitch! LOL!

In this case, it seems that love also = Respect for your partner regardless of social status, profession and $.

burnt toast said... I think I'll go with what Wan Leonardo said - love is definitely blind.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about social classes and tiers. It is just a big divider man made to divide us. Go have fun.

Anyway, sorry no pictures from the city. Looks like every other city to me. Go to Sabah and check it out for yourself! I guarantee you, it will be a trip to remember!

closetalk said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa... i remember feeling like that when i first came to the US midwest, and met with the prospect of dating a disproportionately large number of blue collared workers. but then, i always knew i was a snoot! :)

Kai Santorino said...

elitist? Not really. I love to think that people make opinions based on putting themselves in the situation. So putting that into perspective, maybe you just do not want to be with a janitor. You prefer a donald trump or a mr. big. Nothing wrong with that.

savante said...

It is blind but my fingers crossed, wan.

True, just hoping that it does work out for them, bengbeng.

Not really, asmadi. I'd find it weird even if it was a guy with a minah kilang :p God, am I cynical?

More sex would be just right, lewis.

True. Just waiting to see her husband then. Who knows, it might a blue collar hottie, anniiieieie.... Then i'd be jealous.

Will try, deeper.

Hope she's right and there's a happily ever after for her, burnt toast.

Will make sure I see it one day, klfairy.

THank God I'm not the only one, closetalk.

Nah, not Mr Big or Trump. Maybe a college professor, kai?