Monday, May 19, 2008

Bad Behaviour

I've never been all that big with confessions. Always thought the confessional a futile effort - blabbing about the sins I've committed, pretending that I've actually repented and then getting sent away with a couple of hail marys for spiritual atonement.

But despite the fact that I've never been much of a saint, the fundamentals and principles of being a goodfella has been relentlessly drummed into my head since infancy through years of moral education and bits of catechism. So yes, I do know that being good is all about. Though I usually fall short of achieving said goal. But hey, at least I'm trying.

Can't say the same for all I know though. After all I hear stories from all over during my own confessionals - and for some, I think the line between right and wrong starts getting a tad blurry. Especially when it comes to relationships.

Just the other day Jaunty Jared related this true-life urban legend - the crazy on-off sado-masochistic relationship between his colleague, Kiki and her ex-fiancee. Seems like Kiki comes weepy-wailing every so often about that nasty fella of hers.

During their far from amicable breakup, said guy treated Kiki badly calling her a bleeding parasite leeching onto him ( amongst other uncomplimentary nicknames ) and yet she returns to him time and again. Far from being the only freak in this painful relationship, the ex-fiancee isn't that much better. Oddly enough after calling her derogatory names - and despite the fact that they did actually split up after, he continues to shower her with extravagant gifts, paid vacation trips and even pays her credit card bills.

Rather than refuse this rather inappropriate show of (in)affection, Kiki takes this particular homage in stride - and continues sending her bills to her ex for payment. Rather like the leech he rightfully calls her. So much for women's lib and empowerment.

Man : You are a scheming bitch-slut.
Kiki : How can you call me that after all I've done for you! I am.. heartbroken.
Man : Useless parasitic leech.
Kiki : Don't say such mean things to me please. Boo hoo.... oh yeah, here's my monthly credit card bill.
Man : Okay. Will pay it later. Ummm, cheap skank.

Interesting dysfunctional relationship. Bet someone could do a case study on it. Not sure how Kiki accepts such abuse on a daily basis.

Ooh yeah step on me again. Then buy me a trip to Bali.

Feel like shaking the girl. As much as I'd like to blame the sadistic fella, he'd have to share some blame with idiotic Kiki. Far from tone of the gentle father confessors who'd counsel with sweet platitudes, I'm more the brimstone-and-fire preacher of olde!

Here's what I have to tell Kiki. Are you some cheap ho without a shred of dignity and pride? Having a sugar daddy around to pay your bills ( despite the fact that he belittles you by calling you names ) is wonderful but shouldn't it be time you found your own way in the world rather than depend solely on the kindness of relative strangers? Didn't your mama teach you not to be thus beholden hoping to be handed favours all the time?

Come on, there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I know you don't look a gift horse in the mouth ( especially if it's an abusive ex ) but that certainly doesn't give you the rights to whack the horse again and again for goodies to spill. It's not a fucking piƱata.

Make a clean break and leave dammit. And no parting gifts dammit. Bet even the priest in the confessional box would agree to my advice. Or if you're okay with being a ho, then suck it up and cry no more tears.

Then again, it could be the perfect symbiotic relationship. Certainly wouldn't want either defective to be inflicted on the rest of the world. Hmmm.. guess sometimes God actually does listen in.


Lewis said...

What do you mean you don't like confessions? Hiding in the dark with the curtains pulled talking to an anonymous man about your sexual escapades? Sounds sort of erotic to me.

Legolas said...

A colleague who works in the same company as Jared? She can't be poor.

David the Man said...

Just wanna know where do you get all these pics from? Interesting!

Perky said...

Eergh! I feel like punching that Kiki. She's so shameless & have on self-respect at all. She's the maggot that feeds on the leech.

And her pussy-whipped ex-fiancee...

Double Errrgh!

Cyclohelix said...

Are sadists more of seeking serial gratification? Looks like that female viper nailed both sides and is doing a good job earning from her hobby which not all of us can achieve -.-

Cyclohelix said...

not to mention bringing out bedroom talks in the public...

mstpbound said...

i LOVE <3 <3 <3 the picture! :) :) am i the only one who finds kiki's situation just plain old funny?

Anonymous said...

Aiyar, they are just using each other. It's not about love or anything romantic. It's so obvious. They both know it and are unhappy . It's funny they should be unhappy when they want it. Well, maybe they don't know better...yeah right!

savante said...

Done it often enough that it has lost its appeal :P But then again, I might look at it a different way this time, lewis.

Possibly rich, legolas.

Found everywhere, david.

Think you can find her easily enough, perky!

But don't you think they deserve each otherm helix?

Funny but tragic, mstp!

Hope they find better but it's gonna take a while before they realize it's just not meant to be, anon.