Friday, May 16, 2008

Meek Girls

A few weeks before my 12th birthday, I stood at the airport with ticket clutched in hand waking around looking for the ticketing counter in trepidation. Certainly not my first trip away from home ( what with my parents who love to travel ) but it was certainly the first solo flight. Even though it was barely more than an internal route. My backpack was filled to the brim with the essentials that I'd need - probably enough to survive a five day nuclear fallout come to think about it. Not sure whether I was more scared of flying off or being left behind.

Though I was frightened to death, I didn't shed a tear.

Which is more than I can say for Milicent Meek.

You see, I had late drinks with Lissome Lorelei and her duenna - who actually turned out to be far from the fearful dragon I'd imagined and more the funky mama she'd described to me. Lorelei had already made earlier plans to meet with her classmate, Milicent after our drinking session but I managed to detain her for another brief half hour to catch up on her increasingly scandalous sexploits. Turns out she's been gallivanting with far too many gay men to create any!

Definitely a mistake keeping her though since judging by the increasing volume of messages she sent, Milicent Meek was growing more hysterical by the minute as she waited.

Milicent : I ... I... I... am alone in this cafe. The waiters are telling me to leave. What do I do? Boo hoo hoo.

Seriously. The gal almost burst into tears while waiting alone in a cafe. Lest you think this lil orphan annie was left abandoned in a disreputable diner in the seedy side of town with a bunch of leering roughnecks and drooling druggies, let me remind you that she was in a popular coffee express in a mall just past closing hours. Not that she was actually alone with the bustling shoppers hurrying by with their last-minute purchases. And let's not forget the harried waiters eyeing her table, trying to hurry her away.

And she isn't 12.

Hullooo.... am I all alone here?

Yet I could hear her barely able to contain her tears as she cried for her saviour to arrive.

If we'd been another five minutes late, no doubt we'd find her a screaming doddering wreck frothing at the mouth while huddled terrified in a dark corner.

Boy, guess they don't make girls like they used to.


Ryan said...

Now that make me wondering about when was the last time I cried?! Hmm... I used to be a cry-baby. But it seems that I haven't been having my tears dropping out of my eyes for a long long time...

Oh I so wanna cry... LOL...

David the Man said...

You start travelling at the age of 12? Wow, at such a young age did you already travel alone. I only started travelling alone away from home during my late teens. And that was only some few distances away from home; Bandar Utama from Ampang Jaya. Those were during my college days. Now, I have some countless travels away from home!

David the Man said...

By the way, are you in Korea? I saw the live traffic feed listing as coming from tThe Republic of Korea. That live traffic feed in on Lifebook's blog, and you just left a comment there, just 2 minutes before I did.

chase / chubz said...

the first time i rode a plane was at the age of 21. And that was really scary.

i can't imagine at age 12.

savante said...

Why are you crying now, Ryan?

Well that does make me sound like a latchkey kid, huh. Not the case though. Just that I've always had a yen for travel - and my parents were already there - so I flew over to join them. How in the world did I register in Korea, David! :O

It was scary, chase. I was terrified as hell.