Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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Time I did a meme. A slew of them came by after all. This one's kinda cute though. All you gotta do is :

Pick up the nearest book
Turn to page 123
Find the 5th sentence
Post it up in a blog

Simple enough - especially since I already have piles of books all over the place. Right on the top of the closest pile by the nightstand, I already have one well-thumbed paperback flipped open! Swear I never can find my bookmarks when I need one.

Well the 5th sentence I have here sounds ominous enough.

"I don't have Mr Grady's nose for evil, I'm afraid."

It's from Kelley Armstrong's paranormal fantasy No Humans Involved so you can imagine necromancers, werewolves and witches abound. Bet a few of them would come in handy right now in Sichuan County, China to help with the post-quake rubble.

Man In Sichuan
No superpowers but I can still lend a hand to those in need!

Proof that cute boys do have hearts.


ikanbilis said...

is that for real?

Kenny Mah said...

Looking at the photo from a distance, you know it could well be the cover to a superhero comicbook? The stance, the story unfolding in the background...

Where did you find this photo anyway? Very cool.

Jason said...

If only we have superpowers...

Legolas said...

It is too sad, too tragic, the earthquake... I cannot contain my sadness.

Kenneth said...

Hey there ...

Stumbled upon your blog, don't ask me how, I just did. ;)

It's great to know that there are Malaysians out there (gay no less) who can actually write well and be *gasp* witty and funny and insightful all in one post! :)

Good to know! and good to know that you're out there saving lives! :)

Keep cool man! I enjoy reading your blog! :)

David the Man said...

Nice... now where do you get that photo?

savante said...

Of course the pic's real, ikanbilis.

Whoa. Superhero book? I gotta look at it again, kenny.

Totally, jason. But then again, I might dedicate my life to mayhem and wicked men.

Much too sad, leggy.

Thanks, kenneth!

Googled the pic, david.


chase / chubz said...

im really saddened by the quake.. but i can't help say he is very cute.