Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Down Under

If you haven't heard, I'm down under in our neighbouring country soaking up the sterile mall air-conditioning. Strictly PG-13 fun though since I'm with my more conservative colleagues. When you get that itch to travel, you just gotta get somewhere.

And that includes the first bus I see going anywhere. Not much choice to be had though since the irritating schoolkids have already bought up every acceptable free-and-easy package possible relegating me to the Great Singapore Sale.

Not that I'm complaining.

So what do I do down in Singapore apart from indulging my favourite past-time? Sure, the prohibitive exchange rates might have curbed my excessive splurging a little but trust me to find real good bargains all the way from the posh high-street stores to the cheap bargain basement buys. Even picked up rose apples and mua chi to munch on while shopping.

Sights aplenty - and I'm not only talking about the boys. Our country could certainly learn a few tips from them on the refurbishment of colonial era buildings - rather than tearing them down willy-nilly to replace them with boring generic building blocks. And what's with paving paradise just to put up a parking lot? Haven't our construction guys learnt how to work with the natural topography yet?

But I'm not here to gripe about architecture. That's for my ISO to do.

Dinner and drinks...

Last time I was here, I did St James with my ISO so this time we spent the night trolling Clarke Quay till the wee hours. Yelling loudly in the bars, whispering sotto voce in the cafes - learnt for a fact that doctors can seriously stay up late chatting away like magpies till breakfast time.

Have to admit it was a little unsettling to realize that my colleagues and I actually enjoyed retro music in 54 far more than the thumpa thumpa house music. Then again I prefer music I can hum to. Fortunately there were plenty of youthful college students who evidently agreed - or I'd be forced to apply for a retirement home!

Oddly enough - in comparison to the last time - I found the hottie quotient dropping. I mean, I was once hypnotized by a set of amazing buns all the way down Orchard. Either I've become far more discerning ( not likely! ) or there's some secret National Service weekend rendezvouz where all the hotties have gathered together.

Hmm. Wonder what that's like.


DaveC said...

What's the point of hanging around the straight crowd? Head to Tanjong Pagar during the weekends where there would no lack of eye candies for you to drool upon.

savante said...

Well my galpals would complain, davec!

Lewis said...

Down Under? Singapore is down under? I haven't been there since the fall of 1983. I know, I didn't think I was THAT old. Happy and safe travels.

Kenneth said...

Ok, for some inane reason, Lion Island has A LOT of hotties. I think it's all that walking and gym-ming that they do. Absolutely yummy-licious. :P

TJay said...

How about boxing up a hot man for me and mailing it? COD would be ok as long as he's into old men like me... LOL

queer asian said...

if singapore is down under...then where the heck is australia and new zealand?? =P

savante said...

Well fall of '83 isn't that far away, lewis :)

Totally agree. Best thing that ever came out of NS, kenneth.

Will have to find a few good men for myself first, tjay :P

Farther down udner, queer asian?