Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Thong Song

Should be obvious enough that I'm pretty overworked this month. Going on a stressful 24-hour call every three days without much of a break in between hasn't been easy. Almost like a repeat of my horrendous internship with more stress and added responsibility. Lesser folks would probably be running amuck through the streets of the city yelling obscenities and waving bloody machetes.

Then again after almost a month, I'm not that far from a psychotic break really.

Fortunately, I've always leant pretty far out over the edge of sanity so it does take away a bit of the pressure. Somewhat. So aren't you glad I still have a sense of humour to help lessen my stress? Of course my quirky sense of humour has me gurgling in laughter at the most inopportune moments usually at the most inappropriate matters.

Imagine chuckling over some inconsequential thing while the dour physicians are rifling through a mountain of case notes at a morbidity and mortality meeting. As Patch Addams found out the hard way, humour isn't exactly appreciated in a hospital.

So you can imagine my surprise when Laidback Larry gave me a reason to smile this morning. Never mentioned him in my blog before but he's been a colleague of mine for quite a while. Hell, I've known him since our rigorous medical school days - and Larry's always been one of most laidback ( hence the name ), affable fellows I've ever known. Relatively scandal-free ( as far as I know! ) as well, obviously one of the reasons I've never had cause to mention him!

Well that's all before I knew he wore red thongs to work.

Seriously. The things you learn in the men's changing rooms.

Seeing Red
Whatever gave you the idea I have a red thong fetish?

Under those preppy clothes or even the boring blue scrubs, there beats the heart of a man who has a red thong fetish. Caught him disrobing in the changing room - don't get any dirty thoughts, Larry's like a brother to me! - and the obvious red thong was waving to me like a flag! Of course he was quick enough to suit up when he caught me staring ( unabashed perv that I am ) but even his reproving glare didn't stop me from letting out a shocked guffaw.

You can imagine how hard I tried to stifle a giggle each time I heard the Thong Song by Cisco replaying in my head during morning rounds.


Little Dove said...

Ha ha ha ha... (for the great post)

Hope you are able to get some rest after your 72 hours stint. :)

Queer Ranter said...

Oh my.

Red Thong + Scrubs = HAWT!

Kinky even.

*purr purr

daohui said...

Red thong? Is he queer? :P

Haha. Get some rest. Those evil government hospitals, always overworking people!

I have been reading your blog for quite some time and i have to admit i have become a fan. I love your postings and sometimes i can be cheered up by what you write. Your style of writing is unique and effortlessly smooth. I want to write like you and i am still far. Just wishing you all the best! Great blog.

Musang said...

hmmm... maybe he's not the same person you used to think he is.

a totally different person.

for a good reason.



luke! said...

thank you for your comment on my blog, i presumed you understand bahasa indonesia?! anyway, it's my first time here and i think you have good stuffs here. i mean, enjoyable yet kind of inspiring (?!) hehehe. anyway, i think i'm gonna be a regular reader here, so see ya!

AJ said...

i've been wearing thong since i was 17~!! CK Thong of course *wink2

aaronng88 said...

O_O wow.. haha cuci mata during work o someone~ notty sial~ ><

n thx for the info AJ -.-

savante said...

Trying my best, lil dove!

Hawt? Not really but kinky definitely, queer rant.

Not queer for sure, daohui. THanks, glad you like my blog.

True. must be far kinkier than I imagined, musang :)

Can read bits of indonesian, luke.

Whoa. Can we have pics, aj?

Hardly cuci mata, aaron. it was just there.