Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ballsy Boys

Work still surprises me.

Or should I say the folks I meet at work surprise me. Honestly I've heard some of the more ridiculous things lovelorn men do to please their cold-hearted dames - but surely none so brave a man as the one I met yesterday.

Doubt many would even consider such a feat of sheer machismo. Hell, more than a few would literally shrink from such a debilitating notion. Bet you guys have heard of the infamous Prince Albert piercing surely. Rumoured by many to enhance the pleasure of the receiver, no doubt through direct stimulation of the G-spot regardless of the sex.

But I doubt many of you would have heard our own local version.

Ball bearings.

Ball Boy
Well, maybe not this big...

Seriously. I'll admit I'm a bit of a blushing virgin when it comes to such endemic penile modification fetishes! Took me half a minute staring at the generous endowment thus embellished - not only were the beads inserted directly beneath the skin, they seemed to be remarkably mobile as well. As it shifted around under the skin, I could barely restrain a horrified giggle.

Hardly surprised by such developments, our worldly Shameless Shalom only says kudos for such kindly consideration for their partners. Could I say she even seemed a little intrigued by the notion? Supposedly it's a common practice in these parts - quite de rigueur amongst certain segments of the indigenous population. I wonder how a piece of metal on the penis could possibly help.

All I can say is ouch. Sent a message to Charming Calvin whether he'd consider such a trial but he only grunted in response. Not a very favourable response, I'll admit.


Jason said...

You mean piercing on the dick?

ikanbilis said...

omg i think i can die. its just too horrifying to even look at it. kinky-ness!

AJ said...


i think i feel a lil bit dizzy by just trying to imagine about it!!

ouch!! ouch!! & ouch!!

Queer Ranter said...


You keep that sharp needle AWAY FROM MY PENIS YOU!

Little Dove said...

Never try, never know ;p

Perky said...

A gf of mine once did it with a guy who had his dick pierced. She said it was one of the best sexual experience she ever had. She felt 'tingly' all over and climaxed like 4 times.

But i wouldn't wanna give it try though! hahaha

Crazy Sam said...

I feel dizzy when I see piercing on someone's face. Now imagine the trauma if I were ever be exposed to one on a penis!

Dasher dan said...


Ball bearings?


savante said...

Wild and kinky for sure. Doubt I'd ever try it though. Ouch.