Monday, April 28, 2008

Hospital Chic

Yes, I know hospitals aren't exactly known as the marble-floored, irresistibly perfumed salons of elegance and style. What with our drab plastic floors, dull pastel walls and simplistic cookie-cutter design, I doubt our hospitals would be winning awards for creativity anytime soon.

Just take a walk down our plain anonymous corridors and you'll probably find yourself turning corners that you've sworn you've seen before just a minute ago. Seriously, without the proper signs ( and there are few enough of them in place! ) I think many of the bewildered patients would be found wandering through the identical halls forever in search of an exit. I doubt even Gaudi could find a suitable avant garde design to update the sterile design of the modern hospital.

Sure. Strut down the hall in the scrubs...

Don't even get me talking about our shapeless blue scrubs. Designed by Dolce & Gabbana, I think not. Trust me, not even god-like Chris Evans could make it work - not without some surgical alterations to the uniform that is. So you can only imagine what blah scrubs does to the rest of us trolls.

And then we have to add those practical but horrible-looking neon-coloured clogs to the ensemble. Claim excessive comfort if you like ( though I'm dubious ) but those Crocs are never gonna look good no matter how many jibbitz you place on them.

But somehow our very own kleptomaniac nester Lexie Grey makes it work. Hospital chic that is. Seriously. Don't cut it till you've tried it out.

Pilfering generously from Seattle Grace's ample closets to redecorate, Lexie attempts to tszuj up her squalid, roach-infested crapartment to please her displaced / disgruntled roommate. Me, I'd go crazy living in the disgusting hole ( would make me itch for industrial detergent! ) but somehow Lexie manages to make it all liveable.

Necessity certainly is the mother of invention. Vacuum-sealed containers for pasta and cereal. Drawsheets for tablecloth. Underpads for placemats. Unused bed pans for fruit bowls. Discarded get-well bouquets for place settings.

Even the sign stolen from the scrub room gets a prominent place of honour right above the sink. Appropriately enough.

Though I gotta say eeew when it comes to the bed pans, the rest of it actually all turned out rather charming. Martha Stewart would have been proud. If Lexie Grey decides to leave medicine behind, I'm sure she could turn her cheap hospital chic into a trendsetter.


Wan Leonardo said...

Yikes, no matter how awesome the place looks like or how well the medical officers dresses, they still freaks me out. I guess its the stereotypical hospital-horror genre movie.

Anonymous said...

Lewis said...

Wouldn't it be weird if hospitals were, indeed, like upscale department stores with the marble and glass and good smelling perfume counters. They'd be much more inviting. And maybe we'd get a free sample out of the deal too.

Annie said...

Isn't having Grey's Anatomy back on TV the absolute dream come true! Yes! Yes! Yes! Missed them. Love them. Love Lexie. Poor girl. George has been whipped more times than he deserves. He just needs to stay away from women.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Oh my! Ain't it Grey's newest episode? :-) You gotta give props for George, you know. He's like Grey's understated hero.

P.S. I love my blue, er, celadon scrubs. I think they're very flattering to the curves, only if you have some. I would die to see you wearing one.

William said...

My mother tells me that there is a doctor in Taman Desa who decorates his toilet walls from top to bottom with pictures of nude women.

savante said...

They don't dress well :) Don't believe all you see on medical dramas, wan leonardo.

Will catch that, anon.

True, they could give free med samples, lewis :)

Poor George. Stay away from women? Now that would be interesting, anniiieeee..

Seriously. I look like a troll and a half in scrubs, ruff nurse.

Whoa. You know I love blind items, william.


Laksa Lim said...

hehe, my scrubs fits nicely and i love the white clogs that we have. Orange clogs are baaaad, though.