Monday, April 07, 2008

Techno-himbos IV : Holy Trackers

The techno-himbo strikes again.

Just the other day I had a friend pick me up at home for dinner. Always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need ( and obviously also those far too semi-conscious after working 24 hours ), Shepherd Stan offered the ride. Since he was the sorta lost sheep who'd misplace his nose if it wasn't fixed to his face, I had some serious doubts that he'd find his way. Realizing that he was getting late - and worried that he was already halfway to Balakong or even Timbuktu, I hastily got down on my knees and prayed.

Just before I mumbled my last amen, Shepherd Stan arrived safely at my door.

Shows that there is a God! Seems like Shepherd Stan had received some divine help along the way. And it was no mere burning bush.

A sign
Sometimes you just need a sign...

Angels from up above had come down to show the way, providing signs and prompts all the way to my home. Like the proverbial star of Bethlehem, a guiding light shining the path to my stable - with pleasant orders all delivered in a smooth, feminine sounding voice.

Minus the heavenly choir.

It was simply amazing.

Paul : You found your way! God hasn't deserted you. Hallelujah!
Stan : All thanks to GPS.
Paul : God Providing Signals?
Stan : No. Global Positioning System.

The far more tech-savvy Stan calls it a GPS receiver. According to Shepherd Stan - who eschews my ideas of divine providence - the GPS uses a satellite navigation system to acquire position data to locate the user on a road in the unit's map database. Then calculates the easiest route to the required set destination.

Of course all I heard was bla bla bla satellite bla bla bla. Heard pretty much the same thing months back when someone tried to explain the mystery of wifi. Much easier to believe it was a miracle. After all, even I found myself tempted to get the sacred talisman myself.

Maybe I could even drive myself to Beijing!


Janvier said...

"At the next junction, turn right,"...right into Petaling Street. Like what happened to Zapple when finding his way to KLCC. XD

drama mama said...

I like that.. God Providing Signals.. *LOL*

I need Divine Intervention when I am headed to any place I haven't been before!

Legolas said...

The cab is the GPS in Beijing. If that was too expensive for you, you could use the bus, they are absolutely convenient and systematic, not to mention very very very cheap, if you use their transportation card.

Anonymous said...

GPS = God Providing Signals

LOL. Paul, you always make me laugh and make my days brighter, too :) And I thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

God Providing Signals never cease to amaze us with your daily dose of humour, and I thank God for that too.

mstpbound said...

you know, i never used to believe that GPS would ever actually become mainstream. it seemed too technologically gimmicky...guess i'm getting outdated :/

sbanboy said...

I am hopeless with KL roads .... GPS is Godsend. :)

savante said...

Well, I do that all the time, janvier. But God has shown us a new path.

And it's a beautiful world out there, drama mama :)

Well I used to take cabs all over the city as well, legolas.

No problem, lada hitam and anon :)

Seems like it's working out quite well actually, mstpbound.

It is a miracle, sbanboy!