Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Bachelor

It's meme time!

Not sure if I qualify but I think Strapping Shane would probably whine piteously at me for days if I didn't complete his meme so here goes :) Guess he's trying this meme as a way of lampooning the real thing.

Seriously doubt I'm Bachelor material at all - but since I've been given the license to fool around, I guess there's no harm in dipping a toe into the dating pool.

Bachelor No: ?8

Ball Boy
You do know I don't look anything like this, right?

Name: Paul

Occupation: Doctor

Age: 32

Zodiac: Scorpio

Fave Hangout: Basically haunting bookstores, music stores and curio antique stores. Easy enough to find me in yer nearest neighbourhood shopping mall.

Ability to drive fast and furious despite being in a comatose state after work? Energy to rival a nuclear reactor even at 3 in the morning? Uhh... ability to move an intern to tears with a stare? Not that I've ever done so. Really.

3 things you can't live without :
My books, my music and my laptop. Not necessarily in that order. Without their sweet soothing power, I'd possibly give in to the beast within and run amuck in town maiming and killing. Not a pretty sight.

What is the sweetest thing a guy/girl has done for you?
Don't need lovelorn declarations in skywriting or shining marble halls. Oddly enough, I like the simple things. Charming Calvin shoving lemon lime candy at me just before boarding. My ISO tossing the Hairspray DVD at me just as he's driving away. The thought does count.

The most daredevil thing I've ever done is...
Aiks. This is just a tad incriminating ( and I'll probably deny ever saying it ) but I'll answer anyway. Bungee-jumping, petty thievery and public make-out sessions. All great adrenaline rushes.

What’s one thing you’re glad you’ve outgrown?
Hardly anything. Being adult is already dull enough without giving up some of our silly childhood fancies. If there's one thing, I'm glad - actually glad I haven't outgrown some stuff. Dancing in the rain for instance.

Your biggest mistake is...
Not exactly a mistake but there are dangerous moments when it's 3 in the morning, I'm sitting at the counter staring bleary-eyed at the patient's labile vital signs and I wonder whether I'd be happier in advertising. Doubt it though - have a feeling I'd be swearing, chain-smoking and popping antihypertensives like candy trying to catch up with deadlines then. But I'd be better dressed.

Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?
Whoa nelly. Obviously we'd all pick some impossibly good-looking actor without the slightest resemblance so how about... Chris Evans?

Why do men...
A little difficult to answer since I find men absolutely irresistible. Dirty, sweaty and stinky slobs - yet somehow inexplicably irresistible. Folks who say it's a lifestyle choice have got another think coming. Okay, why do some guys insist on wearing abnormally low-slung, baggy cargo pants?

If you were a product, how would your advertising campaign read?
Paul. So good at being so bad.


Little Dove said...

You get my vote.

strapping.shane said...

Definitely so good at being bad. *ruffle your hair

Holden said...

Paul, you're so goood at being baaad Satan wud blush... or something corny to that effect...

Nice meme, I now understand a bit more of the workings of ur mind...

nyonyapenang said...

"If you were a product, how would your advertising campaign read?
Paul. So good at being so bad."

I am sold! :)

Janvier said...

Or also "So bad at being good?" :P

k said...

I *love* Hairspray. Michael Ball is fantastic!

queerbarbie said...


Jason said...

Thus the Saint Wicked ^^

Perky said...

I never thought of you as having the balls to steal things. LMAO! I had images of you being somewhat a saint! ;)

Anonymous said...

still single meh?
me too!