Monday, February 12, 2007

Catch the Rain

I am a kook.

Seriously. Every once in a while, some wacky little switch gets snapped inside me and the inner kook makes an unpredictable appearance. A far different creature from the Saint Wicked persona ( who appears quite often these days on provocation ), this unconventional, impulsive inner kook only makes irregular appearances depending on its fanciful whim. Can't even predict what could possibly trigger off a kooky manifestation.

Today, it was the rain.

As we come close to the Chinese New Year, hot and dry spells tend to occur these parts. Rare enough that we have bouts of rain during the sweltering month of February but the nigh impossible happened today just as I was coming back sweating from work ( and you guys should know that it's rare that I actually start sweating ). Little droplets of hope came falling from the sky down to the parched earth, reviving flora, fauna and man alike.

Man on a mission
Making rain!

And all I could think of at that moment was... Fuck acid rain.

Instead of huddling in the shelter like any paranoid physician would ( could catch my death from pneumonia, you know! ), I climbed out of the car, dropped my white coat and started dancing in the rain, not unlike Gene Kelly - though I managed to stop myself from thoroughly humiliating myself by croaking miserably in the rain. No doubt the intrigued neighbours were mystified at this sudden act of paganistic cloud/rain worship as I performed an impromptu tap-dance over puddles of water forming under my feet.

Of course I got thoroughly drenched in the sudden tropical shower but hell, it was fun - though I have a sinking feeling that the friendly neighbourhood therapist will be knocking on my door one of these days.

Maybe the fact that I mentioned one of my favourite music videos by Madonna to Strapping Shane the other day could have been the trigger.

Wonder what would have happened if I'd told him about Like a Prayer.


jase said...

tap dancing!??! Screw the rain!! TAP DANCING!?

hrugaar said...

Heh. I don't find this so wacky, coz it's something I do myself from time to time. But then I'm not a respectable public figure with a social image to maintain la. ;oP

Dancing in the rain in hot summer, that is. With the chilly gale force winds and rain we have here at the moment, the last thing I feel like doing when I'm out in that shite is dancing. More a case of cursing fucking rain.

connerkent said...

I was walking home from the gym one afternoon and it started to rain cats and dogs. Instead of running for cover, I walked more slowly - enjoying every drop on my skin, rain soaking through my gym wear.

Looks like you're not the only kook here. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, those were my days of innocence.

ShaZaReenE said...

was stuck in my office all day... by the time i got out... no more rain :(

Michael said...

Ooh, I love that video, too. She was so young and never looked better than in that brunette/black bob. And I love how her tooth gap looks in that.

Anyway, I live just outside of Rural Bumfuck and when it rains here, it smells glorious. Think line-dried linens and freesia and just a hint of cow manure.

Dance, Herr Doktor, dance! I'll join you if you promise we can do "Sixteen Going On Seventeen".

_ethnwg said...

Hahaha..... I love the rain as much as I love the sun. I guess I wont be migrating to Canada any sooner


Roxie said...

Hehe... Last time I did that, I tried to grab a bus pole and do a little twirl, but the pole was soaking wet and I lost my grip, went flying and smacked my head off a wall. It was....... funny, but embarrassing.

strapping.shane said...

I saw the Like A Prayer video.