Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Dragon Roars

Not sure why it took so long for me to hear this but then again, there are some things that you simply can't find in the English papers. Honestly, for groundbreaking news that's simply seditious, desperately salacious and just plain weird ( think National Enquirer weird ), you have to depend on the super-efficient Chinese newshounds.

Which is how I just heard about the mysterious Dragon King.

I know. Ketinggalan zaman.

Since time immemorial, devastating natural disasters have plagued mankind - and each time, we have all tried to find reasons and causes behind the cataclysmic event, sometimes looking to the supernatural. Floods wreaked havoc in a southern neighbouring state last month but rather than blame aggressive urban redevelopment, some superstitious folk have decided to find a simpler scapegoat.

Sea man
I come from the sea...

After all, there's nothing like unearthing an ancient Chinese myth, is there? And the poor Sea Dragon King can hardly refute the slander.

Barry : Haven't you heard about it? It's all in the news last month.
Paul : Dragon King? Is that a new rice brand?
Barry : No. That's the guy who caused the floods in Johor. Supposedly some fishermen caught one of his numerous progeny in their nets and that blatant act of war has outraged the Dragon King.
Paul : The Sea Dragon King of Chinese mythology?
Barry : Yeah! That's why he flooded the cities.
Paul : Have you been lifting one weight too many? Downed a bad alfalfa sprout?
Barry : Not saying I believe it but look here!

No, he wasn't asking me to admire the heft of his tight pecs but I did that nonetheless - despite the fact that he was actually waving an old issue of a local Chinese daily ( literally old newspaper ) in front of me. Yes. Big Bicep Barry does love his esoteric news. Even had an accompanying multimedia show with a blurred video of the alleged crime against dragonkind.

Would have preferred a shot of him doing a naughty striptease but he shyly demurred. :P

For those who are wondering - in Chinese mythology, the Dragon Kings are the divine rulers of the four seas who live in dazzling aquatic crystal palaces with their loyal retinue of crab generals and shrimp guards ( not sure if they perform the occasional Caribbean medley with Ariel and sisters tho ), occasionally flooding cities when provoked.


closetalk said...

abso-fuckin-lutely amazing!!!!
no sexy snaps of a dragon king lookalike, paul? shucks. wud have loved to see what u'd come up with! hehehe.

xoussef said...

at least it seams a cool supestition..

jase said...

isn't it a bit of a superstitious to still believe in dragon kings and their god-awesome-mighty-kick-ass powers?! :)

Kiks said...

I've seen them in Sun Wukong... ya know, that REALLY old chinese TV production?

There's a similar myth in Japan, but there they are called Ningyo, fish men so to say. If you eat one of those, you'll get incredible longevity, but you also bring storms, bad weather and misfortune.

strapping.shane said...

LAME!!! =P

Will said...

I want to be a Dragon King.

William said...

The Dragon Kings are always portrayed as "weak" in Chinese Mythology (I hope this doesn't cause any floods). Kena buli teruk2 by the Monkey King and Naza.