Sunday, February 11, 2007

Driving Mr Paul

I think congratulations is in order for Charming Calvin since today he achieved a feat I actually never thought possible. For months his compact little MyVi has been branded an interior decor object lying dormant collecting cobwebs and dust in the garage. Citing a patent inability to memorize familiar routes, an inexplicable phobia for maps and a lifelong allergy to long-distance driving, the man has managed to get out of the driving chores for as long as he's had his car.

Which is not much of a problem since I actually enjoy taking the occasional slow evening drive. So it's usually me at the wheel during one of our near daily forays into shopping suburbia.

But I knew this particular situation couldn't go on forever since what if I was somehow incapacitated, dying of an incurable disease and needed help desperately? Certainly couldn't depend on a guy who couldn't find his way to save my life, right? Or what if I was handling the wheel during one of my frequent post-calls and found myself nodding off on the road?


Man on a mission
Man on a mission!

Well this morning after much passive-aggressive threats, tears and persuasion ( and quantities of dim sum ) I finally managed to convince Calvin to give driving that decent college try. And my boy equipped with hastily drawn map - courtesy of Strapping Shane - detailing the various routes, a spanking brand-new Touch N Go card, his handy cellphone and that trusty mineral water bottle started out on his totally excellent adventure. Not sure what exciting experiences and multifanged monsters our intrepid hero encountered along the highway but I'm sure he has it all wonderfully detailed in his blog ( if he ever updates that is! ).

Important thing is that he succeeded in his mission. And we had lunch. Honestly, couldn't be prouder if he'd tracked his way down the Nile to discover a hidden Lake Victoria.


jase said...

what's wrong with not driving!? I have a preference of not driving at all and prefer to be driven around.. no wonder I'm a tantrum..

jamie said...

And I'm his victim. Stupid jase...

Nige said...

hey connected here from cisoto fotos.

Well written blog. Loved reading the prose.

I love driving and reading maps comes quite easily to me. So I've never understood the "but I'll get lost" rationale for NOT driving.


strapping.shane said...

Thank god the map I gave him actually brought him the right way. Half expected him to end up at the end of the world, only to call for help but since he found his way around quite well (even to the point of arriving home safely) congratulations is definitely what he needs.

But after all, nothing is possible without me. Since I'm a world class navigator - if anyone can get lost with me, I offer a full refund! =P

Lance said...

Er, Shane? I got lost with you. More than once.

asm@di said...

i love being driven around! (which should explain why i still don't have a driver's license *gasp*, I know)


jalan-jalan bukannya nak bawak orang sekali! :(

JL said...

Triple Cheers to C.Calvin!!!

Annie said...

Alls a girl wants to know is WHO asked for directions if the car was full of men?

charming.calvin said...

I have to thank Shane for his perfect return home map. And I have to thank dear dear for making me did this. I never thought I could, but I can. The only thing is, don't make me drive when I'm sick.

savante said...

Hey, jase, drive man!

Not sure why jamie drives herself tho :P

Hi, Nigel, thanks for coming by!

Your map worked amazingly enough, shane. Lance is shocked as well I'm sure.

No license, asmadi?!

You tak cakap mau ikut, shah!

Totally agree, jl.

You forget. It's gay men, anniieeee.. I like asking directions from half naked hotties.

But you did it, calvin!


hrugaar said...

Actually I've found him to be a very good driver. Navigation comes with practice. :o)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that it's quite a good thing that Africa and others are quite separate continents? Searching for a lost driver could be tantamount were all the continents to be one huge land mass.