Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Get Weird

Managed to tear myself away from my crazy cadre of cousins to return home - only to find myself inexplicably locked out from cyberspace. Horrifyingly enough for an internet addict like me. Fortunately after many desperately hysterical complaints to the lackadaisical broadband provider ( futile attempts, I'm sure! ) I somehow lucked out on a free wi-fi somewhere around my housing area.

Simply miraculous! Talk about a gong xi fa cai!

Hopin and wishin
God, send me back my broadband...

Well, the connection's iffy ( almost as slow as dial-up sometimes, I swear! ) and I'm possibly committing serious bandwidth crime but hell, it's better than staring at sheer nothingness.

Or ogling the sexy, frequently shirtless neighbour's son but that's something else entirely.

Got tagged by Calvin - not the Charming Calvin that you guys know so well but one of the numerous bloggers out there in cyberspace. Guess all he wanted to know six weird habits of mine. Actually think six is way too short for a seriously neurotic creature like me ( hell, I'm only a shiny spandex costume and a snazzy nickname away from the renowned Arkham Asylum ) but here goes...

1) Usually take a while to leave the car in the parking lot since I frequently check all the doors to confirm that it's locked. Then I usually return five minutes letter to check again. Same goes for checking the house to make sure all the doors and windows are securely shut. Seriously. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

2) Always leave items in the fridge in even numbers. Since I'm an incurable romantic, I've never left anything alone. Even the peanut butter jelly jars are placed side by side with the marmalade.

3) Egg yolks are always left for the last. Usually finish every other item on the plate before heading for what I love best. Delayed satisfaction, I'm practically a master at that.

4) Despite what I do for a living, I actually have an alarming phobia for needles. Don't be shocked. Point them at me and I'll scream. I know I deal a lot with them but I just can't stand them myself. Come on, they hurt dammit!

5) Although I tell everyone that I love the colour blue, I actually love red. Brilliant dramatic splashes of it, no weak pastels for me. Witness my blinding scarlet and maroon ensembles every Chinese New Year. Even my bedroom would be in dazzling red but I wouldn't want to wake up in a sodding temple.

6) When I was a kid, I used to finish all my homework desperately in school. Never ever brought it home since the one time I took it home, I grouched, complained and swore ( quite creatively too actually! ) all over the homework - bitterly cursing all my despised teachers for seven generations to come. Model student, I think not.

So should I don cape and cowl as the crusading Saint Wicked yet?


nyonyapenang said...

i suppose then, to poke a needle into you, that doctor better know some shao lin moves - jab you with his forefinger and middle finger, to put you out cold. LOL

Ban said...

I think Calvin can poke you with something else...

strapping.shane said...

I have discovered thy weakness. Bwahahahaha! So it is true after all, my godbrother DOES have his fears!

And pastel colors are not weak, damn it! =P

Sue said...

We know more about you every day! To know you is to love you? For sure!!!

mARCus said...

i wish im more neurotic, then perhaps my life wont be such a mess...

Spot said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Belatedly, but hey. :)

I secretly like red too. This year, I'm alarmingly attracted to gaudy CNY red.

Thought you'd be in the hometown down south actually...contemplated meeting up! :)

Nige said...
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Nige said...

Oops sorry about the last comment. I must have binned it by clicking the bin. Here it is again.
Hey Paul, Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog. If you need more info re where we are, email me at info@justheavenly.biz. As for your neighbour's son, I want to come over and gawk too! :-)


PS Is it ok to link your blog to my personal blog? http://kampungkayell.blogspot.com?

Just Me said...

I borrowed my neighbors internet for a few months when I first bought my condo. I just never got around to it.

(I get to meet Chris Evans on Thursday. I know you like him so I thought I would share) :)

jase said...

That's very cute to leave everything with a date in the fridge!

hrugaar said...

The fridge thing is unusual, haven't encountered that quirk in anyone else before.

OCD on leaving the house or car? I used to be pretty twitchy about that when I had my own place, not now I'm living back at my parents'. Maybe I don't care so much if this house gets burnt down, I dunno. :oD

Dennis said...

Yeah, whenever I leave the house I always return five minutes later since I forgot something. Or didn't lock the door. When I leave my car, I always return five minutes later to check if my doors are locked (my friends never lock my doors).

Maybe its not OCD, maybe its just us being hopeless.

charming.calvin said...


savante said...

Sedation for sure, nyonya!

Oh he certainly does, ban :)

Who doesn't have weaknesses, shane?

Weird stuff don'tcha think, sue?

Wish to be more neurotic? Why, marcus, why!!

Send ang pow, spot!

You can come over and gawk for sure, nige. But send over some lovely cakes too. :P

Lucky lucky you, justme!

I do. And never thought of it as a date but that's true, jase!

Told you I'm a lil bit nuts, ru.

Hopeless and OCD, Dennis!

Yeah. I am scared too, calvin.