Monday, February 05, 2007

Beware the Tantric Master

Every once in a while during one of my netsurfing expeditions I stumble onto an interesting quiz - and come on, how could I possibly resist something that promises to reveal your seduction style? Not that I've had any success in that particular field - since if I actually had, the delicious Chris Evans would be lying naked on satin sheets in my bedroom slathered in melted dark chocolate and whipped cream and I'd be feasting off his bronzed torso.

Cooling off
Just a reminder how hot the man is!

Chris Evans. Naked. Chocolate.


Not that I'm a slutty skank or anything since I'm a freaking saint. Really. A saint! I even help tottering old ladies across the street and fish cats out of the trees. So pay no attention to the erroneous results of the following.

Good God. Sure I am deeply depraved and perverted but lonesome spiritualist reciting random passages from obscure texts? What could they have been thinking of?


strapping.shane said...

Doesn't the last paragraph sound like you?

You're perverted but you still believe in true love, bla bla bla...

That's so you, kor! =P

m5lvin said...

Something must be wrong with the survey I guess coz I got the same erroneous results as well....C'mon we can't be perverted can we...erm..~ Maybe we can...hahahaha



you don't have to take the quiz to figure out that you're one! hehe...

nyonyapenang said...

do you think I got to know you a wee bit more now?

JL said...

oh great guru...

please enlighten me ^_^

Anonymous said...

haha, i'm the hippster, next to the tantric master ;p


savante said...

True enough, shane. Come to think about it... it's me!

Guess we are really perverted, m5lvin.

So what did you get zeyn?

Perhaps you do, nyonya :)

Really? Come over here and I'll teach you some tricks, jl :P

Hippster, xav? Gotta go take a look at it then.