Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lemme Play Doctor

Just yesterday I had a sexy half-naked god in the bedroom, managed to talk him out of his shirt and into the bed ... but alas, nothing happened.

I know. All terribly anti-climactic. Blasted monogamy.

Seriously. :)

Happened this way actually. If you'd recall, I have this husky young bachelor boy in the house next door who's back for the recent new year festivities. Wet jerk-off dream - seriously, think cute innocent boy-next-door type with the ripped body of a martial arts champ. And don't forget the God-I-wanna-lick-them eight-pack abs.

Yeah. Eight-Pack Eli. You could lick him up with a spoon.

Unfortunately for the past few days, the poor boy has been having this irresistible itch down his back that he simply can't scratch and wanted me to take a look. Me, being the good neighbourhood samaritan ( and nothing like the proverbial drooling Big Bad Wolf really! ), immediately jumped on that tempting offer.

After all, how many times ( apart from work natch ) do I get the chance to order a hot hunky ( possibly straight! ) guy to strip in a bedroom?

Hopin and wishin
Yes, sir. Where do you want me, sir...

Don't jump to conclusions though. Despite the fact that he'd torn off his shirt in a blink of an eye leaving only skimpy shorts, nothing much happened. Turns out the boy had developed an acute rash - possibly fungal in origin which needed nothing more terrifying than a salve. All very precise, platonic and professional - far from anything featured on the infamous - though I gotta admit my hands lingered just a moment longer than seemly on his abs.

Didn't stay all that long though since I don't think Charming Calvin is much in favour of threesomes on the side. :P And hell, he's a patient now!


Kyle said...

Ah, now I can see that the MD has some use after all... XD

hrugaar said...

How possibly is 'possibly'?

And if the itch/rash was on his back, what were your hands doing on his abs in the first place la? ;oP

connerkent said...

Give me ripped abs anytime and i'll clean them with my tongue. yum!

...but dammit it's Lent! Looks like it's abstinence for me. :(

mARCus said...

gosh, i have a sudden urge to become a doctor right now...

Dashing Dan said...

Heh. Go you. :)

Sue said...

Be careful doc, or you will lose your st. wicked horns! That was restraint, but duty called! Alas, the sacrifices we make for our professions.

thompsonboy said...

Well, he was 'fungused' after betta don't touch him.

kahealani said...

Wow! I guess being an MD has it perks!

Nige said...

Aiyo. I want!

envy said...

Same old doc! stay in touch with the guy, follow up on him DAILY! and jump over once its healed! im in Paris now i was able to access your blog cos back home in Dubai its illegal to access some blogs! so miss u:P


Dave said...

Me and my in-charge went to a theme-park for a family day event, where we get ourselves wet and really wild. He was in boardshorts, and i am in trunks, and he attemped to pull down my trunks.

Turns out that i almost pulled his boardshorts down, exposing his 8pack with cute sexy little bud.

jase said...

Why didn't you offer to show him how to apply the salve properly?! Show him the medical details of applying salve on skin! and tell him its not easy to apply the salve when it comes to acute rash/fungal infections! you need to apply the right amount of pressure and how to circulate the blood vessels by moving your hand in this position and that!!!!

savante said...

It does, Kyle :) But then you gain ethics too. Sigh.

He was sitting up and I was examining, ru :)

Yum, connerkent!! I can just imagine.

Only for that? Don't! become a massage therapist, marcus!

:) Dan.

I know, sue. Sigh.

Nah, it'was treatable, thompsonboy.

It does have its perks, kahealani.

You could come over next round, nige :P

Still stunned that I'm illegal in Dubai, envy!

Ooh. I love your in-charge, dave.

True enough. Will remind him, jase :P


joshua said...

and ALL i get are middle-aged, balding uncles as patients...


alliterative.allvin said...

Has it occurred to you that he might actually enjoy being examined by you?