Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spank my Chappati

I know it's Valentine's and I should be out spending my time with my loved one - but unfortunately duty calls ( doesn't it always? ) and I'm actually stuck right here in the hospital at the moment.

Depressing, ain't it? But at least I don't have to contend with the dozens of amorous lovey-dovey couples cooing over overpriced chocolates, wilting roses and dim candlelight. Not to mention the saccharine sweet nothings being tossed back and forth by the bantering lovesick fools actually makes me wanna hurl. :P

God, I could be the anti-Valentine. Sure the thought of getting that single rose out of the blue would thrill me to bits but am I the only one who thinks that too much schmaltzy romance can be detrimental to the health?

Fortunately I am not the only one who thinks so.

Paul : What are you doing today?
My ISO : Work. I do work, you know.
Paul : Had me wondering actually. No dates tonight?
My ISO : And pay triple what I usually pay? No thank you.
Paul : Thank God we are on the same page. I'm on-call tonight.
My ISO : No Charming Calvin?
Paul : No worries, he's being consoled by the fabulous ever-loving singletinis, the Crazy Calvinettes.

Man on a mission
Look at my hands...

So I'm having my evening tea with my favourite chappati man. Not only does he make deliciously crispy fluffy chappati... I certainly wouldn't mind spanking his own chappati as well. Not sure which agency is responsible for hiring all these scrumptious men from Myanmar but they certainly have some great taste. Although my dear Hunky Hyun can barely reply in monosyllables to my questions, from the way he plies and kneads the oily dough, I'm sure he has some sinfully inventive ways with his clever hands that I can barely decipher.


AD said...

Sinfully inventive clever hands.. We all crave for them.

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged! Read my blog for details.

hrugaar said...

Yeah, I so agree about the overpriced extortion of V-day commercialism. And there is w-a-a-a-y-y too much sickly-sweet sludge out there.

Then again, chatting with your ex and lusting over the hunky chappati man does seem a little unusual as a way of expressing affection... ;oP

alliterative.allvin said...

As a doctor you probably have clever hands too.

Just noticed that you always leave a space after your opening parenthesis and before the closing one... does that mean you don't like to be hugged too tightly? Unless its Charming Calvin or perhaps a Chappati Cutie? :)

Sounds like you had an interesting Valentine's Day nevertheless.

jase said...

it was okay actually. I was in time square today and I didn't see much action between couples. Don't know if its because I was stuck in borders the whole time with jaime or because I wasn't really looking at the couples since they wear horrendous clothing or is entirely gender ambiguous that I can't tell guy from girl or girl from guy.

The worst thing I hate about valentines is when people come up to me in the shops and ask whether I want to buy a 'ching lui chong' (couple clothes/wear). I look at them and inside I want to shout back "DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE SOMEONE DRAPED AROUND MY SHOULDERS!?!"

ikanbilis said...

oh gosh now i miss malaysian food. how i would love to go for a date in mamak restaurant. that is so cool. sigh.. curry deprived.

Dave said...

Oh how i wish i could touch and feel your hands.

My in-charge just spank my butt with his muscular hand this morning while at work, with both of us in uniform. =P

William said...

No smearing dhaal over his body, spanking his chapati?

savante said...

So do I, ad :)

Tagged? Will reply that tag in a while. Thanks, calvin.

Hardly chatting with my ex, ru :) More like complaining about work.

I do leave a space? Seriously? Never thought about that... maybe it has some Freudian meaning, allvin :)

Well, jase, you could have had some action with jaime instead :P

Yeah, nothing compares with our Malaysian food, ikanbilis. Makes you miss home, doesn't it?

Your in-charge spanked you, Dave? How titillating. I wanna know more.

Now, that's a good idea, william!