Saturday, February 10, 2007

Queen for a Day

What if we actually gained the right to get married?

Talking about Adam and Steve here of course - way back before seductive Eve came along with her bountiful charms. At the very thought of such deviant debauchery sullying the sacred altar of the church, I'm sure the right-wing conservatives are already raising their enraged fists in protest ( if not lifting up weapons of minor destruction ) right about now but as we all know gay men are already making progressive strides in certain parts of the world, even seemingly puritanical Catholic Spain. Obviously not even the Inquisition ( or even Generalissimo Franco ) can keep a good gay man down for long.

Man on a mission
¡ay! Mama!

Although their mothers might have a pretty good chance.

Or at least that's what some Queens would like to prove. Despite various obstacles such as the recent earthquake in Taiwan and work commitments, finally managed the nigh-impossible task of hunting down this hilarious ensemble comedy. Certainly not the first to bank on pre-wedding chaos and mayhem but definitely the first to feature a mass gay wedding in Spain - with the main focus on three affianced couples and their respective in-laws.

What can I say? I obviously love weddings. Sexy man eye candy isn't something I object to. And you guys know I love mothers. So despite the little flaws, such as the much much too brief a glimpse of each quirky couple, and the fact that I obviously don't speak espaƱol ( but then all Malaysians are experts at reading subtitles ), I actually enjoyed the movie on the whole.

No matter whether gay, straight or bi, all I can say is a meeting of prospective in-laws ( no matter how seemingly benign and convivial they may be ) can be decidedly stressful for everyone involved. Hence the various emotional hijinks that ensue when the warring in-laws start to rub abrasively - and sometimes rub a little too well - against each other, leading to a secondary quarrel between the couples involved who obviously side with their respective parents.

Which obviously makes for good television. :)

By all accounts, Charming Calvin seems to have gotten along relatively well with my parents despite remaining painfully mute during dinner. Perhaps they're accepted the fact that he's pathologically shy for some obscure reason.

Although from past experience I'm pretty sure I could charm most women alive - apart from the odd uncompromising witch or two ( I'm a nice guy! Really ! ), I certainly haven't met Charming Calvin's sainted mama since he's assured me repeatedly ( complete with relatively graphic Flash presentations and appropriate props! ) that at best, she probably would poison my tea for purportedly corrupting her baby boy.

Food for the wicked
Darlin, is that your mama?
I'm making my special lamb!

Since I'm of a particularly vengeful nature as well, I thought it best to stay safely away at present - lest my Saint Wicked side makes an appearance.


jase said...

hmm.. you gonna write a script for 'meet the parents 3' ? Sounds like you're already half way through. :p

Dancing Dan said...

Hrm. I wonder how come I haven't been on the receiving end of the 'tombak sakti' myself.

strapping.shane said...

Because mom respects my decision and loves and understands her son. =)

We should get her something one day.

hrugaar said...

Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have told c.calvin's mama where you worked ...

But what's this about 'going down' on the Inquisition? The things they teach in Catholic schools la. ;oP

m5lvin said...

it certainly sounded like "meet the parents 3"....with the mother trying to poison you..hahaha~

Annie said...

Good golly! By all means, live longer and stay away from Mothers who may cause you bodily harm or injury.

BTW, found a new man on the scene. Thought you'd want to check out this new actor .. Yum Yum written all over him. New actor, Scott Elrod, on TV series "Men in Trees"

savante said...

Sounds hilarious doesn't it, jase?

Think she's charming the tombak sakti as we speak, dan. So you never know, shane.

Catholic schools... I love em, ru.

I'll stay far away then, m5lvin and anniieiieiee.