Thursday, April 03, 2008

Big Bicep Barry and the Island of the Sea Gypsies

I've severely underestimated Big Bicep Barry.


You all know budding businessman Barry has set up shop hocking flip flops ( and the occasional hamster ) for a steal? Obviously selling beach footwear nets a higher profit than I could ever imagine since Barry recently made enough to finance a brief diving trip to some misbegotten tropical island. Managed to cover his entire expenses - according to him anyway - though I'm not sure if he managed the dive with only the bare minimum of a skimpy thong and an extra-long breathing straw in the deep.

Obviously he's a better sales negotiator than I imagined.

Suspiciously enough he came back unscathed - and relatively unmolested - from the Island of Sea Gypsies. Despite the fact that it sounds vaguely like the name of a B-Grade adventure movie, I am seriously not making this up. Perhaps I'm shockingly prejudiced but aren't sea gypsies just a hop and skip away from being desperate local buccaneers with a jaundiced eye to loot?

Somehow though Barry managed to charm his way around the gullible natives. At least he managed to avoid being shoved into a bubbling cauldron to boil. Even came back bearing gifts.

Nah, it's not the shirt off his back. I wish. And it wouldn't fit me anyway!

Unfortunately he went for the trip and all I got was a lousy T-shirt. Which was still better than what his presumed paramour, Bountiful Betty got.

Paul : You really earned enough from selling flip-flops to finance a trip?
Barry : Are you seriously doubting my superior salesmanship?
Paul : I have my doubts. Have you been offering your customers other more carnal side benefits?
Barry : Told you I don't deal in that. But hey here's something for ya.
Paul : It's a tee.
Barry : Yup. It has fishes on it.
Paul : I prefer them steamed. You got me a t-shirt? What about Bountiful Betty?
Barry : Get her something? What for?

Not that I live for extra tees but hey, it's a free gift. And as it turns out both Bettys - Bountiful and Bony - didn't get one. I know it means absolutely nothing ( and hell it's childish ) but hey, permit me to gloat just a little. :)


Anonymous said...

It does seem that the occasional moment of gloating does indeed help make us feel more confident and worthy. Glad you had/took a moment and are more prepared for the remainder of the day now.


3than said...

It's better than a photo frame.

sbanboy said...

Must show me the T shirt tomorrow ...hehe

savante said...

Cool way of looking at it, christopher :)

True enough, 3than. I wouldn't know what to do with a frame.

Have it at home, sbanboy.