Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sausages at 4AM

Seriously. When Jaunty Jared paid me a visit earlier yesterday, he blithely commented on doctors and their patently unhealthy eating habits. Of course that was made while I was barbarously gorging myself on a dripping supersized mac with flying bits of cabbage so I don't blame the fella.

Unfortunately I don't have him as my personal chef.

Sorry but at work, I don't exactly have the time to prepare a four-course low-salt low-cal healthy heart meal. Especially when I have a patient barely breathing on a ventilator waiting.

But oh boy, Jared couldn't be more eeriely prophetic - since a group of us found ourselves desperately famished after work at about 4 in the morning and only managed to rustle up some frozen sausages in the fridge. God knows how long it has been there - or what entrails / skin / toes had gone into the making of 'em. Trust me, doctors' lockers are scary places full of creepy-crawlies, stray chocolates and other unidentified moving objects.

Doctor #1 : God, how long has it been there?
Doctor #2 : I bet it's the stolen remains of the Incan mummies.
Doctor #1 : Is that mould?
Paul : Let's send it to the Pathology Lab for identification!
Doctor #2 : I think it's more a job for the Microbiologists now.
Paul : Bet it'd taste good toasted though.
Doctor #2 : I'll get the oven.
Doctor #1 : Lemme get some butter too.

But at 4 AM, none of us could care less. So we ate it anyway.

Which actually explains our seemingly irrational diets.

Gossip Guys!
Munch. Munch. Munch.

Been a while since I've had a sausage fest at work over here though. Talked about our woes at work. Our woes at home.

And yeah, I might have leaked out the sorry fact that Charming Calvin's leaving for Beijing that very morning. Possibly have that very flight slip past the spires of the hospital towers as we munched on cheap sausage leftovers. But of course I can look forward to the fact that he'll be back home again in four months - hopefully for good.

Barring another posting to some exotic locale. Morocco? Paris?

BTW talk about being out in the open, right? Lately I've come to the conclusion that half the department's already laying bets on my relative gayness so I don't see any reason to hide it.


Ban said...

Sausage fest? Why does that sound so wrong? :P

Quentin X said...

Not wrong at all. Especially if you are a morning person like me.

Perky said...

I recently had food poisoning... so the only food I could stomach was either porridge or bread (or the doc said I could put jam on the bread to make it more 'interesting', yay! *snickers*).

So your sausage fest would be a real feast to me :)

savante said...

It's meant to sound wrong, ban!

Yikes. Not at 4 in the morning, quentin!

YIkes. Terrible to get the runs, perky. Hope you're getting better.


Jason said...

Hardly a feast lah :P

Anonymous said...

Sometimes one's diet is dictated by what one has available when one's shift makes mealtime available.

It if far healthier to eat less healthy foods upon occasion than to suffer from the lack of nourishment at all.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda hungry now. A sausage fest sounds so good! :p

joshua said...

Why only sausage? No canned curry tuna? Surimi? Nuggets? LOL

Well that figures! A med student's diet isn't much better off!

And our fridge has seen many many unclassified microbes in it

chase said...

mold sausages? oh my.. ewww.

y don't you guys order some hot pizza guy.. i mean.. pizza.. hehehe

D-Man said...

In college, when my butch, straight friends would arrive at a party and find a room full of guys only, they would yell "Sausage Party!" - and leave to go find one with chicks...

These same guys would joke about the true contents of sausages - saying that they contained the only things left over after butchering: lips and assholes.