Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Vengeance

If you imagine that Valentine's day would be full of lovey-dovey couples thronging the crowded, overbooked restaurants in search of rose-petal bedecked tables with appropriately mushy menus ( dreamt up by materialistic savant chefs ) full of togetherness lobster, chocolate kisses and love truffles, you wouldn't be far wrong. All this while you're being serenaded by an endless parade of soppy sentimental songs from yesteryear.

Though did I mention all the couples in sight were woefully straight?

Shockingly even steadfastly saccharine sweet couples such as Alanis & Jenny had boycotted the day ( traitors!! ) leaving only me to bear the gay standard. Talk about making me stand out from the crowd. Suffice to say being one half of the only male couple strolling around on Valentine's isn't exactly the best way to remain closeted. Sure there was the odd threesome of eligible men in identical tight shirts who walked in - but all three certainly pinged my gay-dar as well.

It was my first valentine in years. Yes. Yes. I finally caved in to join the desperate love lemmings jumping off the edge into v-day madness.

Damn. I could so fuck you over this rose-petal laden flowery scented tablecloth with frilly love notes written all over...
Then again maybe not.

And I couldn't help but laugh at some of the corny stuff people madly in love are apt to do. From matching his-and-her shirts to rose petals arranged to form the outline of a heart - certainly a far cry from the hangman caricature Charming Calvin and I tried out. Decadent floral bouquets aplenty ( a few unsightly ), a handful possibly bigger than the paramour's petite intended.

Me, I got a lovely sketchbook that I've always wanted ( yes, he remembered! ) while Calvin got a Celine Dion concert dvd. His choice. Not mine. After tonight's diabetic dream, I don't think I could go through a medley of Dion's lovelorn anthems. :P

Of course the savvy restaurateurs are all eager to cash in on this money-making extravaganza by offering schmaltzy valentine-themed dinners to match the occasion. There was even a lil romantic stanza waiting for us at the cosy table for two. I was just surprised they didn't curl the chicken cutlets into heart shapes or perhaps entwine the broccoli stalks into a pair with a love knot.

Still despite the love quite apparent in the air, it was desperately chilly - no doubt to cool down the ardour of the amorous patrons. Of course used to the frequent snowstorms of the Northern Capital, Calvin didn't mind a bit but I was freezing my ass off. So much for in the mood for love. :P

A happy V-day!


deeperanddeeper said...

Celine Dion!! Haha! But great for V-Day I suppose. Your Hearts Will Go On...

Janvier said...

Now we wonder where you went for dinner.

TJay said...

Celine Dion? ROFL. Not even gonna touch it!

I am glad that you both had a good time though.

Raising a glass to you both...


Jason said...

Story ended? How about the after dinner activity???
Calvin is the romantic one, unlike some people... :P

Jay Antonio said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S PAUL! Hope it was a Great Hot Flaming One!

Quentin X said...

A big hot prick is the cure for a frozen ass.

savante said...

I know! I almost screamed when I saw the Celine DVD, deeperanddeeper.

You would know, janvier.

We did have a wonderful time, tjay. memorable for sure.

More on that later, jason.

It was a great hot flaming one, jay.

Muahahaha, quentin. Good idea. I prefer light spanking myself.