Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Chinese Patient

This evening Charming Calvin boards his flight back.

Though I'm not sure how he's going to survive the trip with his winter flu. Poor fella is racked with severe pneumonia-like symptoms made worse by the icy-cold northern winds of Beijing - and his sinfully extortionate medical blackmail doesn't seem to have done the trick. Not even the brief IV drip rest he had the other day ( which also cost a bomb ) at the clinic helped much.

But the Chinese Patient insists on returning.

Even the Chinese Army has been deterred by the horrible wintry conditions causing widespread havoc for the folks returning for the coming spring festival - but not stubborn Calvin. Doped up on multiple meds ( polypharmacy? ), subsisting only on bread and tea and covered in thick layers like the abominable snowman, he's gonna be trudging home. No doubt bitterly cursing the miserable weather while shaking his fists at the gloomy sky in between hacking up a lung.

Being the natural pessimist that I am when it comes to such matters, starting to have this awful niggling feeling that he'll be carried out of the plane on a stretcher with medical service attending. Poor fella.

I am *hack* not sick! I am resting!

Doubt he can even summon up energy to flirt with the hunky stewards.

Steward : Would you like a cup of tea?
Calvin : Tea...*hack* *cough*
Steward : Sir, are you alright?
Calvin : *Ack* Okay... *ack*
Steward : Excuse me, sir, while I get my uniform disinfected.

Poor convalescent fella. Hope he makes it alright.

Safe journey, my man.

Addendum at 1230am - He arrived safe and sound after all - though a bit mussed up and resembling a revolutionary Chinese dissident poet with his shaggy locks :)


nyonyapenang said...

Go get some ginseng and herbs and chicken and boil some soups to nourish him. :)

Lewis said...

Oh, there's nothing quite like flying and traveling when one is sicker than a dog (and THAT's REALLY Sick!). Which is why I'm home today. Intact. Not flying.

dazedblu* said...

I think he needs much time for rest, hopefully he'll be okay soon.

Janvier said...

Aiyoyo, no haircut?

Quentin X said...

Someone's gonna get extra attention soon. :)

nakedwriter said...

Shaggy locks. Dissident poet. Chinese revolutionary. The Prodigal (Porridge-needing) Boy.

Oh you're such a romantic!

You just summoned a library to describe your charming chince.

closetalk said...

lol. hope calvin comes back safe. :)
o, and the baby post was... cute. terribly so.

savante said...

He's a complainer, nyonya. He'll whine that the soup is too hot, the herbs are too bitter... etc.

I know! I did that when I went to Beijing. god, i felt like passing out on the plane, lewis!

He's getting better, dazedblu.

Not sure why he's scrimping on haircuts over there, janvier.

I should hope so, quentin.

Summoned a library! What a cool idea, nakedwriter.

Well I love babies. It's when they get older that I get a bit mean, closetalk.