Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sangria Sniffles

With my inherent belief in the supernatural and the intangible, I'm obviously far from the usual science geek you'd expect to find. But that doesn't mean I can't conduct a little unorthodox experiment of my own - and I trust that I do recall the principles behind them.

After all we already know alcohol has its side effects.

It's Soldat's B-Day. And they'll drink if they want to!
Unless one of his more sober personalities come to the fore...

Soldat : Should we drink? I think we should.
Janvier : No, we're working tomorrow. It's against our principles. We have to keep sober.
Soldat : Get over it, bastard. Fuck you. I'm drinking.
Janvier : NO! Such language! Don't move the arm please!
Soldat : Not me. I'm not moving the arm.
Janvier : Then who... Alfie!
Alfie : Alcohol. Me likey.

Proving to be the less dominant, Janvier obviously lost the battle... so with Soused Soldat ( and his multiple personalities in the collective ) out to celebrate their shared B-Day, there's guaranteed to be plenty of wine to go around. And lotsa willing guinea pigs to test my theories. God-fearing folks such as Jaunty Jared stayed away from the bottle - or else it's possible he feared getting the inevitable alcohol grope ( from me! ). But that didn't stop the rest of the motley crew.

After a bottle or three, the inebriating effects on the brain is obvious enough on the younger folks ( as it was last Christmas ) - with Strapping Shane speaking several decibels louder while Zany Zinedine seemed a tad bitchier - if that's at all possible. Just imagine your friends, just louder, crazier and far more disinhibited.

A number of us even develop some unusual physical reactions to a bout of alcohol. While Lanky Lex follows the Asian norm by turning a brilliant shade of scarlet after downing several glasses of wine, peculiarly Charming Calvin fades into parchment white. Don't know if that bodes well for his liver enzymes :P

Me, I get the sniffles. Or the sneeze.

Seriously. I've followed the progress of my drinking, correlated the evidence and come to realize that each time I pick up a cocktail glass, I will inevitably end up in a bout of sneezing afterward. Histamine reaction? Alcohol allergies?

I call it the Sangria Sniffles. It doesn't last that long fortunately. At least I don't swell up and choke in a catastrophic bronchospasm so I figure it isn't that bad after all. My body can't be rejecting the sins of alcohol, could it?

You'd be excused if you're wondering if I've fallen into a questionable crew of debauched alcoholics.


strapping.shane said...

I am loud. :P

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though this is a wonderful group of friends who all adore each other. How lucky they each are to have the others in their lives!


Quentin X said...

I try and stay away from wine. It makes me throw up. All others: beer or spirits are fine. My circle of friends hardly go out on a drinking spree. Just as well, because I am not sure what repressed behaviour might come out.

Lewis said... be careful with that hooch. Sangria is one of my favorites (have you tried White wine sangria instead of red...yummy!). reminds me of hopping in the hot tub with ten co-workers, a bottle of tequilia (dangerous), a straight woman, her handsome husband watching, and me pissing all over the place in the backyard. Wasn't pretty.

Janvier said...

Janvier: But it wouldn't be right, imbibing so much alcohol! Maybe just stick to the sangria?
Soldat: You're an embarrassment, sticking to sangria.
Janvier: I'd like to wake up tomorrow without a hangover. Whoa. I'm tipsy already.
Soldat: You're lucky then Cian isn't here. He'd holler for a daiquiri by now. Whoops, lost our balance there.
Janvier: I'm high and I haven't tasted a thing!
Alfie: Burp.

zinedine said...

how unfortunately that i started drinking pretty late. could've been drunker.

oh oh it's Cian!

joshua said...

me love me sangria... lots lots.

now, white or red?

somewhere joe said...

Sometimes I'm drunker than thinkle peep I am. Shhhh...

Jason said...

I thought every parts of Soldat loves alcohol? :P

Alex said...

LOL..... Alcoholic birthday boy.... not enough la the other nite... :P

Queer Ranter said...

Me love Sangria lots! If only the alcohol content was higher...

savante said...

A crazy bunch of friends certainly. At least they are sober most of the time :P