Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Angels Amongst Us

Do you believe in angels?

Well if you don't, disbelievers... I won't spend an hour preaching like an evangelist on a sweltering Sunday morning to convince you.

Just watch Gabriel.

Talk about an instant conversion. Forget about sending good lil boys to Christian camp, send them to the movies instead. Seriously. Forget all about the hours of catechism and sunday school. One look at Gabriel's electric blue eyes ( played by the delicious oh-praise-God Andy Whitfield ) and I was instantly converted.

Even better than a blinding ray of illuminating light from the heavens.

I bet no one has even heard of this Gothic movie - and I seriously wouldn't blame ya. Even I didn't know the name of the movie though I actually saw the movie poster - as everyone probably did since it's particularly memorable. Hot guy in long coat looking broody over the evils of mankind?

In a nutshell, the movie's all about the angel Gabriel and his trip to Purgatory to reclaim some fallen comrades. God certainly picked the right messenger since while spreading heavenly goodness, this arc angel also kicks some demon arse and takes names. Think slick MTV shots paired with edgy urban CGI realism. Think Constantine meets Sin City. With the minuscule budget they had, this Australian production certainly did alright. Certainly not an Oscar-worthy blockbuster - could have done so much better - but hey, it certainly rocks for two hours.

Andy Whitfield!

And baby, fallen angel or whatever, I'd still do Gabriel! Even ( blasphemous though it sounds! ) on the altar of the fallen-down church. Just a sight of his...*ahem* wings and you'll be transported to a higher level. Trust me, once you see the shots of his... heavenly song, you'd be a true believer too.


Ryan said...

I am so gonna watch it! Wanted to watch it even before it was officially shown in the theater! Just couldn't find anyone interested in that movie to accompany me. Damn!

Anonymous said...

I've heard off the movie, have not seen the poster, nor heard of it coming around locally. But, I do plan to see it... even if I have to go watch it alone.

nakedwriter said...

I never knew you were one who enjoyed watching fairly machismo men go out and use brute and brawn to save the world from evil!

Lewis said...

Glory be and Praise Jesus! I'm a convert.

Janvier said...

Our goodness, he just keeps looking better and better! Prefer the tattoo on him tho'.

angeles said...

ahem... :P

William said...

Hallelujah! The lost has been found...

dazedblu* said...

Me too! I haven't seen this film.. I think it s very different way of presenting a story in a supernatural action film.

But then I don't believe in angels, their existence is really indefinite. I dunno but the contradiction is there! For what reasons to have angels, if we also have messiah for saving our souls and lead us to a good life. (for catholics I guess?).

Explanation from Metaphysics are hard to convey.

Ben said...

I watched the movie for a bit and got bored. That I left the theatre ang went to one of the clubs at the Curve.

But I do admit those blue eyes were awesomely breathtaking!

Quentin X said...

I am so out of tough with the movies, there was not even a blip of this in my gaydar.

Perky said...

Uuuhh Gabriel looks so yummy!! :)~

savante said...

No need company, ryan. You can go alone mah.

See. Christopher would do it alone!

Not really. But it had some interesting plotlines - minimal though it is - that could have been expanded, nakerwriter.

Same here, lewis.

Or would you rather he had his shirt off, janvier?

Yes, ahem. Weren't you in the movie, angel?

Praise the Lord, william.

No need to explain, dazedblu!

Well I gotta admit the beginning took a while to pick up speed, ben.

It made no blip anywhere, quentin x.

Oh he surely does, perky!