Monday, November 20, 2006

Those Little Things

Hell, isn't it amazing what brilliant engineers can come up with these days? Sure I know you strapping young folks out there would be shaking your heads at the sheer stupidity of clumsy, technologically-challenged idiots like me but it's true. Even the futuristic concept of wi-fi still boggles the mind. I mean, sending data and images literally through thin air into the computer!?

Even my cell still gives me the chills. Certainly light years from the clunky workhorse I once carried around in my bag as a student. These days, my trusty little cell can actually take pictures, play tinny music and even minute music videos.

Fucking amazing.

Chris Evans
In the future they probably throw in hots guys as perks...

Since I've achieved some impossible shopping grade - with the help of my melting credit cards, the banks have seen fit to toss a high-tech, impossible-to-manipulate cellphone at a technohimbo like me. Nothing like credit points. Have carried the cell for a couple of months now feeling like a complete imbecile since I haven't even figured out half the complicated functions. Thankfully I think I've started to get the hang of sending messages.

Since I've had a few days off from work - after battling the aforementioned mother of all evils, I have only just gotten about to fiddling with the cell today. Reading the manual from cover to cover. Seriously. My brother - and my technophile boyfriend - would be pleased.


Off-days also gives me the chance to start the most peculiar obsessions. Have always had my eye on those weird little Japanese toy vending machines, Gashapon they call them - that literally cost a toe and a finger for a turn. Not sure how kids these days can afford them but obviously they can ( pampered lil buggers! ) since I've seen more than a few emptying their pockets for their turn.

Well, been eyeing the vending machines for quite a while and tried it out just the other day. What you get is a little capsule with a tiny figurine inside that stands at around two inches high. Charming Calvin thinks I've gone off the edge but hell... since I'm an obsessive completist, I just need to get the whole set!


Goddess of the Earth said...

*pets the old man* You're so amusing. You should have seen my brother when my sisters and I bought him his nano ipod for his birthday. He was in awe.


My Pen Is Blue said...

You should buy those gashapon as a set from toy specialty shops in KL. They cost much cheaper as compared to those coughed out from vending machines :)

strapping.shane said...

You are nuts. I thought you were done with it when you bought it that day - thought it was just curiosity. =P Now planning to collect the whole collection huh?

Oh... and I finally know how to send the ringtone from my computer to my phone already! I found out right after I asked you yesterday... you just upload it online somewhere and then download it using the WAP through your phone! Now I'll have Calvin's favorite Sugababes crooning whenever one of you calls. =P

Jake Johnston said...

I used to be a staples boy...but i'm all office depot now!!!


charm.calvin said...

Not to mention my fantabulous lucky hand got you just the one that you like most (which I'll be eyeing as well if I'm collecting). Am I good or what? It's a 20% chance of getting it, and that's assuming each type of figurine have the exact same number in that machine, which is very unlikely.

Ok, forget what I'm saying if you're not so sure about probability.

Annie said...

You've got to be kidding! LOL! OMG! too funny.. Gumball machines with figurines.. hell, you don't even get bubblegum with it? Bah!

Anonymous said...

ooooo i love gadgets. i think im a tech-whore. and, for all bloggers who like to take pics, or cam-whores, they oughta get a good camera/cellphone, too. im not a cam-whore but i love taking pics :P

gas-WHAT? ur funny, paul. hahaha....we shud go play arcade games, too. u dig?

Anonymous said...

I have got to spend quite some money on Gashapon while I was in Japan :) Some of those little toys are quite cute indeed.

nyonyapenang said...

you struggling with your high-tech fone? can't be serious.

Anonymous said...

Gadget fan here too. But I could never justify myself spending all that money. I am, however, a total product whore.. guess who's going to Estee Lauder private sale this friday... :)

savante said...

GASP. I would still be in awe of the might Ipod, shabana.

Done that too, my pen is blue.

Yeah, managed to get three from the set. Any duplicates will be given around freely as presents for Christmas, shane.

Chris Evans could make me do that too, jake.

Well, if your fantabulous hand had failed, you'd have gotten a gashapon for Christmas, calvin.

Yeah, isn't it cool, anniieeee?

Arcade games... :O I love racing cars, ethan!

They are damned cute, petie.

I am serious. Quite a technohimbo, nyonya.

GASP! Estee has a private sale?! How did you find out Cliff?