Saturday, November 04, 2006

Grocery Shopping II

You guys already know what I have in my woefully unequipped larder - though I've managed to fill it up some since checking to find it nearly empty. Certainly no divalicious domestic goddess like my friend Snowie ( not forgetting her ever-capable culinary companion Spot ) who can craft fanciful frog princes from sugarpaste and gummy sweets but I know enough to make a hearty little breakfast of maple-syrup laden pancakes this morning. And my wonderful God given cup of coffee.

Which is more than I can say for Charming Calvin :) Both of us went for a bit of grocery shopping the other day - yeah, terribly domestic, I know - searching for fresh goods to stock up in his spanking new fridge ( finally! ). After all a man simply can't live on Mamee and Pringles Potato Chips forever - despite what Calvin might say.

ShoppingYou know what, I think all gay men should go grocery shopping on their first dates - it certainly tells a lot about a person since unsurprisingly both of us have vastly differing ideas on what essential food items we should have in the fridge. Although I'm certainly no alfalfa-bean-sprout swallowing health freak like a certain friend of mine, I do have my standards - and when Calvin drew out that grocery list, it had me slack-jawed in astonishment. Talk about living up to the oft-repeated maxim about the typical bachelor slob's grocery list. :)

1) Sausages - which isn't all that abnormal actually but the man intends to boil them since he doesn't want to stink up his new apartment with billowing clouds of smoke and oil. But to add boiled sausages to instant noodles?!

Paul : Boiled sausages in noodles? Seriously?
Calvin : Yum.
Paul : Are you in some severely deprived wartorn country?
Calvin : No?
Paul : Why not buy some meat and vegetables - and just slice it up?
Calvin : Too lazy.
Paul : You are already making two-minute noodles.

Well, Jamie Oliver, he isn't. Guess he can do the cleaning up after my culinary disasters :P

2) Soy milk - estrogen anyone? Not sure why he suddenly had a soya compulsion but I like them too so I won't argue.
3) Milk - the man does love his milk.
4) Breakfast cereal - coerced Calvin into getting the cute little child-friendly disposable boxes since I know for sure he's gonna leave the large carton lying around on the kitchen counter otherwise.
5) Ngan Yin groundnuts - not sure whether he intends to have a football marathon or play mahjong but it nonetheless surprised me. What a typically Chinaman buy! Maybe he's gonna get a white singlet and khaki shorts next :P
6) Instant noodles - my boy is definitely Chinese.
7) Creamy butter - not sure what he intends to do with the butter since he didn't buy any bread. And get your thoughts out of the gutter, we don't use butter for that :)

No rice shockingly enough. I can already see Asian mothers everywhere wailing over the woefully empty rice bin. And no bread as I mentioned. No oil, no salt, no sugar. Obviously he isn't going to be making me a home-cooked meal anytime soon :P

I know. It's sadly even more spartan than my empty larder. Calvin also had his eye on some ice-cream but somehow or rather, we both forgot all about it during our relentless search for the breakfast of champions. It wasn't intentional, I swear!


hrugaar said...

c.calvin's shopping list seems fine to me - except he needs to buy fruit, and that häagen-dazs la. ;oP

Slice the boiled sausage and mix in with the noodles, totally yummy.

Ban said...

Sliced... sausages? Gah. Which reminds me, I'd better take morre cooking lessons when get back.

Anonymous said...

boiled sausage is fine for me eh... But i never use it with my noodles eh. I normally just add egg or some balls (fish or chicken) to my noodles lar.. Boiled sausage will taste weird for the instant noodle for me!

ikanbilis said...

oh grocery. haven't done any for a while. hmm.. i now prefer Tesco =)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he is taking vitamins to make up for all of the fruits and veggies he's not eating...

Dave said...

Eh how i love grocery shopping! And this is my shopping list for the past few years in supermarts:

1. Peanut butter
2. Chocolate spreads
3. Ice creams
4. Dried cranberries
5. fruits and veggies
6. biscuits.
7. diet gassy drinks (think Coke light, Sprite Zero etc...)
8. Beer and wine.
9. Bread
10. Milk
11. cute guys
12. blonde babes.

connerkent said...

Frying sausages is too much of a hassle - i.e. mopping up the oil and all - for just a bowl of noodles. So I usually boil sausages along with my instant noodles (maybe add some cabbage) to give myself a balanced meal.


nyonyapenang said...

get calvin a good cooker hood to suck out the oily fumes. then both of you can have all the fried sausages.



i hate grocery shopping. why? no matter how well-armed i am with the list, i tend to be over-budgeted! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering about the butter.

The closest thing I can think about the use for the creamy butter is that your man intends to use it to occasionally fry his sausages.

Other than that, my ideas and thoughts tend to jump back to the OTHER use for butter. =)

Anonymous said...


well boil sausages actually much easier way of cooking than frying. try wrapping it up with bread and sprinkle shreded cheese and ketchup for a quick snack.

R*Y A N said...

cereals and ice-cream. calvin sure has his priorities sorted. they're my fave, too.

oh, and instant noodles also. mi goreng anyone?

savante said...

Bet he's stocking up on that now, ru!

What lessons? Go find a cute OZ surfer who cooks, daniel.

Boiled sausage.. bleh, famez.

Who doesn't like Tesco, ikanbilis?

He does that well enough, sue. Even told him to get some neem.

Blonde babes, dave?

YUCK! Boiled, connerkent!

DOubt he even has oil to fry, nyonya :) But I could make him wash the wok!

That's the usual problem, shah.

We're both pervs, sam, that's all :)

Hmmm... will tell him that, anon.

You take instant noodles there too, ryan!?


snowdrop said...

heh. gotta confess... before spot, almost all i ate was instant noodles too... sans boiled sausages even! so you never know, there's still hope for charming calvin :)

Las montañas said...

nyonya: then the realisation of having to clean the cooker hood. gasp!

As one grows older, one tends to look for the skinny things, like skim milk, low sugar this, low salt that, no oily frankfurters. Thank you.