Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pinchable Pecs

Has been a while since I've had dinner with my ex-colleagues so I called up Shameless Shalom - who surprisingly arranged a rendezvous ( a mild surprise since I think it's the first time she's initiated a get together ) with my regular drinking buddies.

Catching up with the latest news is certainly great - but I never expected the scandalous expose to come out from the aptly named Silent Sally :) Amazed that this hot little tale came from her, guess I'll have to call her Mustang Sally now. Practically agog with the sizzling news, she blurted out the fact that she'd managed to catch inappropriate man-on-man behaviour in public. GASP. Obviously she hoped to catch both Shalom and me unawares and possibly shock our rigidly conservative Puritan mores. Alas for her I doubt anything less than a six-way bestial / necrophiliac orgy in leather would shock either of us jaded folks.

Seriously though. What constitutes unacceptable physical interaction between members of the same gender? For the ladies, I think almost anything goes since I've seen them go from innocent schoolgirl hand-holding to full-on passionate saliva swapping - and hardly anyone bats an eye. Seems like the raunchier the better for drooling teenage adolescent boys.

As usual, it's always different for the guys since the fearful stigma of homosexuality hangs like a perpetual shadow over every seemingly innocent sign of physical affection. Judging by its popularity, seems like a quick crushing handshake between two manly men ( the more fingers broken the better! ) is more than acceptable, so's a hearty pat on the back and that hasty cursory hug ( allowed only in the vicinity of airports, reunions or family gatherings ). Of course a platonic hug that lasts any longer than five seconds with adventurous hands wandering south of the border would lean dangerously towards unacceptably gay territory. And let's face it unless you're an overly enthused Italian mafioso, even affectionate pecks on the cheek could be miscontrued in this part of the world.

So where does pec pinching fall into?

Oh baby come pinch me...

So what happens when two innocent gals spy a cute droolsome friend of mine unashamedly feeling up another ( much much less lickable ) man's chest in public? Since I wasn't present at the shocking event of pawing pecs - nor was it posted on the ubiquitous youtube courtesy of the daring duo, I can't really comment on it but there could be lots of simple reasons behind the seemingly inappropriate action of course. Maybe it was an impromptu demonstration of secret Thai massage techniques. Or perhaps even a comparison of pectoral girth since both guys seem to be inexplicable gym fans. Or maybe he had an irresistible itch on his pecs that he somehow couldn't scratch :)

Or of course it could be a case of you pinch mine and I'll pinch yours later. :P

Not sure how but I spent a small part of dinner wickedly wondering how everyone else would react if I suddenly reached out to pinch Handsome Hui's undeniably pinchable pecs.


nyonyapenang said...

pinching is ok, i guess. but no licking in public in broad daylight la.

strapping.shane said...

I don't bat an eye at all when you pinch Calvin in public. Just don't molest him over-excessively lar... =P

SirCris said...

The Ex Boyfriend, My Marine, My Dearest Enemy - have all been uploaded as Complete Stories @

Anonymous said...

Pec pinching would turn a head or two in my little town, but no one would be arrested. In New York city it would be fine and in some neigborhoods even expected. But one would have to be careful of the odd gay bashers lurking about.

Anonymous said...

i had a friend in highschool who would take every oppurtunity to lay his hands on every dude's bottom and pinch every available male nipple. his aunt was the student affairs teacher or something.

connerkent said...

I was dancing after a wedding dinner and a friend of mine grabbed my butt!

LOL. To be fair I was gyrating to Hips Don't Lie. :P

executorlouis said...

What a saucy picture! Pinchable pecs or pinchable nipples? Oh, the line is so easily crossed... ;)

Anonymous said...

Or maybe one was just flicking away some crumb on the other guy's chest. :-) It would have been fun to see their reaction, though, if you indeed pinched Mr. Handsome's nips.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Big Bicep Barry was it?

Anonymous said...

if it's just pec pinching, that's fine. more than that, who am i to stop? hehe...

Ban said...

Okay. That last pic? That was a killer. Very pinchable, hehe.

We should have a pec pinching... er, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog and could not help but be enthralled by your marvelously written posts...and by Handsome Hui. Haha!

I'll definitely be back. Keep at it! ;p

Wild Reeds said...

One pinch from me please

savante said...

Whoa. Licking? nyonya! Even I would be stunned.

Molestation of calvin can be fun, shane.

For a minute, I thought you had a blog, cris :)

Yikes, scary town, sue.

What kinda liberal high school is this, quicksilver!

Come gyrate here and lemme pinch too, connerkent.

Both looked quite pinchable actually, louis.

True, maybe it was a crumn on his pecs, mark.

Nope, it wasn't him, cr.

:) shah.

We shall do so when you return, ban.

Thanks, irene, glad you liked pinchable pecs :)

No prob, wild reeds.


Anonymous said...

Depends on how the pinching will go about...and where it will lead to. :)

Anonymous said...

Paul Darling!!

Pinch those pecs or slighly higher darling?


Am now imagining those butt of yours hahaha, Paul Dearest!! Is it just his butt you're gonna pinch?!!!

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