Wednesday, November 29, 2006

All about Philosophy

Stereotypes are difficult to run from sometimes. Although we do have the occasional odd ducks who proudly march to their own eccentric beat, the rest of us average folk usually tend to fit into the roles that people - and society - expect of us. Since by definition being homosexual is already a queer aberration from the sociocultural norm, quite a number of us try to blend seamlessly into the crowd by living up to the other expectations. That perfect son. That perfect brother. That perfect employee.

Honestly though I sometimes dream about doing something totally mind-blowingly unexpected, eventhough I rarely veer from what's expected of me.

Everyone has this fixed idea of what a doctor looks like - serious, stern, humorless, dedicated to the job ( most times sacrificing any hint of a social life for the hospital fast track )... well, I'm good for most of that but I doubt serious and stern could ever be used in any description of me, unless it's from one of the poor unfortunate interns I've inadvertently barked at. This lofty expectation from the patients also extends to the outwardly appearance of a physician. Pandering to what society expects of a well-groomed professional, we're stuck seemingly in perpetuity with the usual pristine white coat, shirt and tie ( hell, the rules of dressing is written into the fine print of the work contract! ) since I doubt the patients would appreciate coming to the clinic only to find their doctor all glammed up in outlandish pink sequins, frilly feather boa and flirty mascara.

Fortunately I've always been a fan of the average shirt and tie combo.

Which is why you'll rarely see me frequenting stores such as Philosophy and William Liew. :) Don't get me wrong. If I had the means and the opportunity - and certainly the super-lean zero-fat build required by the unforgiving cut of the clothes - I'd certainly be gallivanting in risque black leather vests, sheer pink tank tops and scandalously short denim cutoffs.

You mean I can't wear a hoody to work?

But what about a broadcasting student? Or perhaps someone in the arts? Somehow there's always this prevalent idea that the rules are a bit more lax when it comes to the creative folk. Doubt anyone would blink an eye if a male artiste were to waltz by in an outre haute couture Dolce & Gabbana confection of leather and silk with face all made up to perfection by M.A.C. Or the chic interior designer sweeping in the latest provocative eye-popping Versace.

Seems like that's not the case however since most of the guys that I do know aren't all that different from the rest of us boring shirt-and-tie sheep. Haven't seen Strapping Shane sashay by in a chi chi avant-garde ensemble as yet ( no matter how much Charming Calvin and I begged and offered obscene sexual favours for barter ) and I do know my ISO would rather be caught dead in a Geylang brothel than to wear squeaky leather pants.

What a letdown :P

Maybe I should go pierce my nipples to show them.


hrugaar said...

Hey paul, you did the bleach-blond hair thing a while back. Pity you didn't stick with that for longer.

Some of our guys tweak the collar-and-tie rule by wearing outlandish or fun ties, and brightly coloured braces. And of course some of our guys wear leather trousers (non-squeaky) as part of uniform, heheh.

Nipple-piercing? Sorry, ick-ick, no way. Besides, who's to see that rebellion beneath the shirt and white coat anyway? :oD

hrugaar said...

PS - I do wear a hoodie to work, sometimes. But then I've been told I look like a bank robber anyway la. ;oP

strapping.shane said...

It will be a cold day in hell before I actually don that stupid outfit, Paul - and no, orgies in threes aren't exactly my kind of thing. ROFL!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine have both his nipples pierce about ten or fifteen years apart.

He said it take him that long to forgot how freakin' painful it was the first times :p

Anonymous said...

I think with certain professions, like your own, then unusual dress can be a bit disturbing for your patients.

I remember going to my local clinic one Halloween for a blood test (something to do with a holiday vaccination), and all the medical and admin staff were in Halloween costume. The receptionist was dressed as a vampire. When she saw that I was there for a blood test, she said, "give generously!"

Anonymous said...

When I had my brain surgery, my young neurovascular surgeon came in after being up all hours saving my life in a totally black punk kind of outfit, complete with spiky hair (he was Asian) and studded belt. We all trusted him completely as he was well recommended, and inspired confidence.

BTW - nipple piercing sounds really painful!

Anonymous said...

In what field are you specialized in?
I have a nipple piercing! did it 3yrs back... it's kinda painful at first but it's better now.

Anonymous said...

my ex-dentist looks like a pasar pagi aunty. it was my first and last visit. now, my current dentist looks so good in her attire. yes i do judge a person's attire. it means they respect ME! haha.

oh my nipple are pierced. go get yours done. LOLs. and a nose stud...

connerkent said...

Philosophy? Overpriced, overrated and so... gay. LOL! :)

ZARA? Anytime! :D

Holden said...

Ooh, nipple piercing... take a picture and send it to me when u do dat... :)

Ban said...

Erm. Atone time I used to go to work in shorts. Even when I was an official teaher I couldn't wear stuff that's too expensive or stains easily - t-shirt and jeans usually. Paints and other iddie stuff gets around.

Anonymous said...

You definitely have the means for William Liew and Philosophy, Doctor Raoul.

Anonymous said...

I visited a doctor once here in the country and wow! he is really so cool! and I think the way he dress up while attending to me makes me feel better without taking any medicine.


Anyway, The G* Spot Weblog Award is now Officially on.. and I must say, I am getting good reviews about your famous blog in my email.

So, expect to be the first one to be nominated!

Stay Blessed and Free
Hush and Listen

bodicea said...

i was conditioned to like doctors. my uncle was one.

xavier said...

pussycat paul is getting his nipples pierced! haha, sexy!