Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Excuse me sir, are you a shopper?

Seriously. I know I'm a desperate shopaholic but even I never quite guessed the grave severity of my debilitating mental addiction till today. Perhaps the effects must have crept up subtly - just like the folded stacks of paperbags and collections of pricetags from various stores that have started to mushroom all over my bedroom - with me barely noticing, since surely I don't haunt department stores on a daily basis like an indigent immigrant ogling the tempting goods.

Well, maybe on an alternate day basis at the most. Certainly not enough that the salespersons at British India can wave to me with obvious delight at my imminent return.

Obviously Gay Salesperson : Hey, how are you doing? We told you about the sale, right? By sms?

Golly. I was at point-non-plus for once. Even Charming Calvin was agog - whether from speechless astonishment at my undeniably spendthrift ways or my far-from-obvious infamy, I couldn't tell.

Maybe I do frequent sales once too often since I found that I easily recognized more than a few pieces of apparel - not to mention the pricetags before with their previous sales cuts. Hell, I practically have an indelible mental picture of the whole store even before I walked in. Yeah, I admit I have bought more than my share of linen and home decor from British India - and bargained part of my soul surely knowing the prices there - but then again, I don't actually live there. As you all know I live with Kinokuniya, IKEA and Metrojaya - though for some reason all three don't get along and live as far apart from each other as possible ( and I'm not counting Metrojaya's supposedly hip but sadly unendowed sister MJ ). Seriously. If they need a junior buyer, I am so there - even with minimal wages. There's such a thing as staff discount right?

Even the salesperson's intimidating - and oddly familiar - camaraderie didn't deter me from my main plan. Contemplated getting a fine linen shirt for my brother but thought better of it since somehow my stern, stolid sibling just doesn't look right in sheer see-through linen with frilly epaulettes. He's more the basic lumberjack checks and stripes.

Still, it did mark the beginning of my annual Christmas shopping. I know, I start early since I have to get the tree done all by myself - not to mention the various little seasonal decorations.

Already have the gift for my homebound bookworm dad. Two graphic novels, Pyongyang and Shenzhen by the quietly humorous Guy Delisle. Even my niece has already gotten her stuff wrapped up a week back - since I think it'd be a delight for her to have a visit from Eloise at the Plaza. Can't decide between the delectable Nigella Lawson or the lispy Jamie Oliver for my budding homemaker sister-in-law but I've already got my eye on a piece of jewellery for mom. And maybe even an additional gift of Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook ( certainly a must-have for every apprentice domestic goddess ) which she's been eyeing.

In need of resuscitation
Poor Calvin after a day's shopping with me...

Checked out the record store for other gifts but couldn't find anything I wanted at present - though I do have a rough idea on what to get for Charming Calvin ( who by that time was practically dead on his feet ). Saddened by their lack of a sale, the wicked store people tried to tempt me with Brandon Routh's taut virile body but when I tried to get my covetous hands on him, they told me that the DVD version isn't on sale yet. Dammit.

So I had to settle for seriously underaged meat instead ( fortunately the actors aren't jailbait though since it'd be too gross to perv over kids ). Decided to give local film industry a hand so Bernard Chauly, hope your coming-of-age drama Goodbye Boys was worth forking my money over.

You know. I really do shop a lot.


Anonymous said...

oh i miss my shopping days.. So long never shop liao.. Argh.. I wonder whether those salesperson still remember this weird guy who just walk in almost every week but buy nothing ahah!

ikanbilis said...

i can't wait for this year's YESale! oh i just need new luggage and winter clothing and stuff.. i remember once i walked behind justin eng of axcest and these few guys of Baleno recognizing him. wow, isn't it? too bad Jay Eng and Nas-t not really IN with blogland unlike Daniel Henry. Good movie, though, of which I could just not only relate them to my scouts buddies but also my circle of friendship.

Annie said...

When in need, always ALWAYS just put tired Calvin *in* the shopping cart and cart him around while you continue shopping. It won't hinder on your excursion. :D

Stephen said...

You've not only bought more Christmas presents than I have so far (not counting the coat I bought myself at the weekend, ahem), but you've actually wrapped some already? Oh dear, I really need to hit the shops.

quicksilverlining said...

my aunt used to be a buyer at metrojaya. you get staff discounts of up to 30% off, on TOP of existing sale discounts. also, you get to go to exclusive staff only warehouse sales that the management uses to discard unsold stock. plenty of antique-y stuff, usually those display and decorative pieces they throw out at the end of season.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I got tired just reading about your shopping. I'm with Calvin; I need a break!

hrugaar said...

Hm. If your shopping excursions are leaving c.calvin nearly dead on his feet, then your addiction is getting way out of hand. Time to step back and get some perspective.

Ban said...

Did you *reaally* tire out Calvin? That's...shocking.

Steven said...

Shopping for me isn't therapy, it's frustrating.

Too many things, too little money.

For Christmas this year, I'm telling people, "Don't buy me anything, and I'll do the same."

thompsonboy said...


William said...

By SMS.... talk about VIP shopper. You sure it wasn't a special preview just for you?

Yeah, the cutting of British India's clothes are "roomy". Never bought anything there because of that, and the price.

Las montaƱas said...

Its about time to upgrade. IKEA is so just blah.

You need: unique antiques, rosewood furniture, glazed china vases..etc

Come over to kiasuland! you'll be spoilt for choice!


adoi! i haven't done my X-mas shopping yet! maybe i'll do it before i fly back to Kuching.
anyways, how's The Goodbye Boys? is Razif Hashim tempting enough? ...and i have no idea the vcd's out already...!

maxius said...

Nigella can't cook for crap.

A couple of friends and I watch her show regularly, it's like comedy hour - only better.

I used to shop at a certain store way too much as well, so much so that the girl used to *automatically* swipe her own staff discount card when I bought something.

You should come along next year when Louis and I goto 'Sub' on our KL shopping rounds.. :)

Jay said...

Never mind lah. No children, no need to save money for mini Reeboks or college fees.

Anonymous said...

i don't blame you one bit for being a shopaholic. it's quite relaxing actually. with my busy school load, i rarely have time to go to the gym, shopping has become my cardio, along with ogling at boy at abercrombie & fitch to increase my heart rate, followed by some relaxing shoe theraphy at aldo or steve madden.

Anonymous said...

Any for me? I like the BI clothes also.. :)

I used to do the same, but now, I have reduce the shopping trip to mall.

coolgardy said...

Just for a bit of information, that actor in GoodBye boys worked part time in my office not too recently. :)

Anonymous said...

I went looking around the other day from boutique to boutique before finally settling on a 200 dollar outfit.

Then I went out again and realized that Giordano's having a sale - and everything is slashed 50%.

I really need to keep my eyes open.

Anonymous said...

incidentally, i was doin' a bit of shopping this afternoon. i love to shop too; more so if i've got the dough hehe...

and, now i totally believe u when u said u like to shop a lot.


Maximus Leo said...

I hear you ... I hear you!! :-)

I just finished shopping this week and have clock a reasonable amount on my credit card... NOW I need to stop shopping or else I will burnt two holes in my pockets.

nyonyapenang said...

sei ler, if i shop like you do, i'd be bankrupt liao. ;)

snowdrop said...

JO cooks for the body, Nigella for the soul. There, does that make your choice any easier? :)

savante said...

Well, nothing stopping you frm shopping, famez.

Nas-t? I love that name, ikanbilis.

Yeah, like he wouldn't say anything about being carted in a cart, anniiieieie :)

Still early, stephen. I usually buy them early.

Me jealous, quicksilver!

He did rest, sue and ru.

But yeah, he was tired out, daniel :P

Shopping is frustrating, steven?! GASP!

never been a small boy, thompson :P

Seriously, I was shocked by the sms myself, william.

We don't have Pottery barn or Habitat here yet unfortunately, las montanas.

Shah, it's not too bad, you can go take a look.

Me at Sub? Maxius :O

But I want kids, jay!

Definitely one of my fave pasttimes, alessandro.

BI clothes? Threw me for a loop, lifebook :)

Ooh, which guy, coolgardy?

You could ask me, you know sam.

Obsessed, I tell ya, ethan.

Ian, I can imagine shopping in Japan.

Close to bankrupt, I know, nyonya.

Which is why I bought Nigella. Thanks, snowie.