Friday, November 24, 2006

Glam and Glitter

Come on, which gay old queen doesn't love glam and glitter?

With all the department stores aggressively touting the coming festive season ( barely milliseconds after the last two - and you guys know what they are ), I seriously doubt that anyone apart from some reclusive, technologically-inept hermit in the darkest depths of the Himalayas wouldn't realize that Christmas is fast approaching. Just look around the malls and you'll see the ever-present commercial panderings to blatant con$umeri$m with jazzy reindeers and tubby Santa Clauses sharing space with a reluctant Mother Mary in her shiny Lladro porcelain manger.

Christmas is coming... let me count the days...

Who am I to argue? Easy enough to get sucked into all that after being irresistibly hypnotized by the shiny crystal baubles and twinkling lights. As Charming Calvin would cheerfully attest to the fact, I just might have gotten a little carried away with the Christmas shopping this year. :)

The fact that I just got served with a staggering credit card bill ( seriously lots and lots of seasonal alcohol to get over I'm sure ) might have helped with that realization.

Still. I'm not feeling anything at all. Hardly guilty at all as I'm sitting here literally surrounded with glittery red and gold baubles, seriously looks like I was attacked by some overenthusiastic executive from Martha Stewart's Christmas Decorating Committee. Just short of Rudolph and his unsupportive horned brethren dancing blithely on the rooftop without fear of open season or voracious chinese with a penchant for venison. Apart from being unforgivably homosexual, I'm sorta traditional and the brilliant red / gold theme blends well with the turkish rugs, chinese antiques and the moroccan lamps. :)

Tree is all up in the living room, all aglitter in deep maroons and scarlet while the rest of the cabinets and hall tables have been festooned with subtly matching Christmas cheer. Working on the banisters soon.

Dammit! What am I gonna do with the rest of the month till Christmas? Someone hire me to redecorate!


strapping.shane said...

Well... we can spend the first half of the month shopping for more things to put up. =P

Anonymous said...

some red lantern over there and some candles and a chill out music. add some wine and that will be somekind of special!! N :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! And I thought I was crazy when I wanted to put the tree up 2 weeks ago! Not that you're crazy or anything... It just makes me happy to see someone else sharing the Christmas cheer all around! I've constrained myself into any Christmas decorations so far but now, I guess it's safe to bring out the wreath and the plastic mistletoes! I won't be able to hire you to decorate my house but I sure would love some tips! =P. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."

Anonymous said...

Just one more month. You still have to time set up "The Martha Stewart Cult: Malaysian Chapter". :D

Kiss My Mike said...

Hmm. I guess the next thing to do is to find a hot Santa to take care of that credit card bill so there will be more room for MORE shopping!

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

I'm having a shopping hangover myself.
All the pretty shiny objects! I just can't resist!

Anonymous said...

see what Xmas could do to our spending habit. *sigh* likewise for Eid, actually!

nyonyapenang said...

plan your menu.

thompsonboy said...

someone told me her manager put up the whole lock of huge arse garland all around her cubical complete with fairy lights...thank god it wasn't those chasing light type and no cheesy midi output...else she would have screamed and burn it all down

savante said...

YAY! I love shopping, shane.

Already have the lantern, the candles and the music, neil.

You're not crazy. Well certainly not as crazy as I am, matt.

Ooh. Anyone else joining, william?

Just wish there was, mike.

I know! So pretty. Daniel, your tree up yet?

Wish I had a huge credit limit, shah :)

Doing that now, nyonya.

No chasing lights, thompson boy. Eeww...