Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News from the Frontline

A mere two days into the skirmish and I'm already dead tired. Nearly fell asleep as I was climbing out of the all-terrain vehicle amazingly enough.

Feel like my miserable brain with its meager knowledge has been left in a wringer which isn't much of a surprise seeing that the vicious, mind-bending enemy has been sending frequent volleys of mentally-scarring explosives. Just five hours of battling the mother of all evil ( that is exams ) left me feeling exhausted - just like I'd run through a lengthy triathlon through the inhospitable Himalayas or worse, one of the monstrous gym routines drawn up by Big Bicep Barry. Can't imagine how I lasted for two whole weeks wrestling it out with STPM and SPM way back when... but then again, I was younger.

Back then I was a tad more high-strung ( bet that doesn't come as much of a surprise ) and I'd get so freaking stressed over exams, practically pulling hairs, screaming mindless rants all through the night and developing instant peptic ulcers as I raved through the whole insane ordeal. Quite like the infamous Mrs Rochester wailing away from the attic windows during one of her episodes. Not sure why my parents didn't see fit to have me clapped up in an asylum then.

Fortunately I've learnt to take it cool these days... well, somewhat. :)

Bow and arrows
Hit me with your best shot

Unfortunately during the recent skirmish I found that I'm armed only with a primitive makeshift slingshot - certainly an improvement over the neanderthal sticks and stones before but even biblical hero, courageous David didn't have to take up arms against a mean, husky Goliath in a tank. Is it any wonder that I'll possibly be found unconscious with disfiguring tank tracks all over me?

Makes me wonder why I stupidly chose this when I could have taken the path of least resistance and make for a hasty retreat ( open that little joint-venture antique store, anyone? ). But hell, I'm a scrappy sort after all. :) Hopefully my little well-aimed stones manage to hit the right sore spots to take the evil down, at least long enough so that it doesn't darken my door for the next little while.


Anonymous said...

I actually had a dream of setting up an antique shoppe too. Dusty books and old furniture, and upstairs I would operate a smoky mahjong den. The daily rigor of work life sucks - you just hunker down and hope the next time you look up there are butterflies.

Ban said...

Hope it went well doc. Any more to come?

Anonymous said...

yikes. sounds painful. i like to hit the pipe every once in a while... ok... more than once in while, when i'm feeling ferociously overworked. but i suppose you don't have that liberty being a doctor and all.
disclaimer: i'm in no means advocating drug use. but i find that it works well for me, specially during mid terms when i'm high as kite.




nyonyapenang said...

a primitive slingshot that hits right and spot-on is just as good. ;)

JL said...

"The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory." Cheers

Anonymous said...

I just hate exams! Where is that antique shop? When does it open?

Anonymous said...

Oh my... two more days to Thursday dude... you better hang in there. Don't want to meet you for lunch, you looking like you going to drop dead any moment. =P

Stephen said...

Hope this isn't too late but, good luck! Just think how great you're going to feel when they're all over :)

The Searcher said...

Gym routines are actually FUN.... I love the gym a lot, it gives HOPE! hee hee

asm@di said...

good luck dear! you'll ace it, no worry!

and why choose the path of least resistance? where's the fun in that? hehehe

p/s when you do open that antique store, i want to come to the grand opening :D

Anonymous said...

"God Hath Not promise sun without rain; joy without sorrow and peace without pain"


Hang on there man!
Chhers to Life!

ian said...

I guess trodding thruough the path with more obstacles give you the opportunity to grow stronger?

Good to know that you've nailed the exam. Good luck with the results?

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul! Exams,huh?!! I'm the type of person who likes to takes it easy even when exams are around the corner. I did that during my diploma. I did okay. *smug*

Lucky I wasn't like that during my degree. Ermm, maybe just a teeny wee bit. Or else, I'd have flunked.

Glad you got through it all. :)



relax! u'll emerge a victor.

Las montaƱas said...

THere's a group of people who are good at exams and the associated stress. They are doctors. For those who does it better, they become psychiatrists. LOL :)

The Fly on the Wall said...

Exam! shmaxm!! Darling Paul, just sleep your way around with the examiner..a good head will get you ahead!! That's what I always believe in!!

Anyway, first visit as I've just launched my new blog, should I do an expose on you darling?

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