Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pretty Boy Woes

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.

Not talking about myself of course. For all my wicked, disreputable past lives, God didn't see fit to bless me with glossy GQ looks.

But it's seemingly not that easy being pretty - or at least that's what the beautiful people tell me. For myself I'd like to try that novel experience myself, must be nice being ogled at by drooling strangers :P Despite the shallow benefits of looking helluva good ( landing dates, job offers and such ), supposedly you also get passed on a lot by regular folks who only judge by your looks. Pandering to the infamous stereotype of the vacuous blond bimbo, overly handsome boys unfortunately make a similar impression since there are always people who only equate brains with an unkempt, nerdy Einstein-esque look. So when it comes to the more serious, mentally taxing accounts, pretty boys often get overlooked.

Even in a family-run company.

*Growl* I'm not just a pretty face...

Which turns mild-mannered Barry into a rampaging hulk ( and no, he didn't tear off his shirt despite my hoping he would ). Every once in a while I get frequent furious flurries from Big Bicep Barry on SMS so I decided to look the fella up today before he went crazy ballistic killing his fragile handphone keypad with his muscley fingers.

Could see the broad-shouldered fella a mile away sitting looking blue over at the cafe. Even his perky nips looked a bit downcast.

Barry : Frustrated!
Paul : Sexually Frustrated?
Barry : No! Work!
Paul : Why?

Gonna summarize his entire diatribe here ( with furious expletives removed ) but the gist of it has his entire company board stereotyping him as a male himbo and passing him over for meatier accounts. I don't blame them :P Hard not to assume that his IQ equals his biceps circumference after all since very few actually look past that shiny studly Chippendale appearance. Seriously, people who look at luscious muscleboy Barry would never assume that he revels in obscure scientific treatises, googles ancient sanskrit text or that he possesses a degree in accounting.

Me, I thought he had a brain the size of a pea :P But he certainly proved me wrong.

Paul : Still, better pretty than being ugly, Barry. Look at Betty.
Barry : True but... Betty?
Paul : Ugly Betty?
Barry : Don't tell but it's actually that's one of my secret obsessions. I love the show. Keep missing it tho.
Paul : No need, you're not missing a thing. I am Ugly Betty.
Barry : Nah, you're more sweet Henry to me.
Paul : Thanks a lot!

At least talk of Ugly Betty's scandalous trials and tribulations managed to steer him off his bullish rage. Soon we were talking about whether Betty Suarez would make a better match with her caddish boss Daniel Meade or the nerdy accountant Henry Grubstick. Despite his geeky looks, me I heart Henry too :)

Have learnt that it never pays to underestimate folks since you never know, beneath that unflattering tweed suit, he could have six pack abs :)


Anonymous said...

Awwwww.... Pussycat Paul is Sweet Henry in Big Bicep Barry's eyes... Awwwwwww....

but seriously... it is ALWAYS easier to have BETTER LOOKS... yeah yeah, some shallow minded will think that with that looks u must be a tin kosong, but then at least u will have the opportunity to prove them wrong! (assuming your tin is not kosong la that is...)

having sufficient good looking frens around (ahem..) and having some as roommates too (ahem ahem...) i can testify the advantage of the looks lo. Thank goodness though they are also tin penuh, so they definately break the himbo stereotype :)

Ugly Betty... that's me!!! (oh where is MY sweet henry???)

tea-shop-owner just woke up

Legolas said...

Can't control what other people think about you. Just have to prove them wrong. Show them how smart you are. And give them a shock. Most effective way.

JL said...

I like Henry too :)

Sam said...

I love Henry! :D

Las montaƱas said...

probably BBB has been blessed with good genes on those muscles!

nyonyapenang said...

looks and brains seldom match, huh?

Queer Ranter said...

I wanna be pretty~~~

i say pikachu again. said...

I think being pretty is relative. Who's to judge anyway?

But yeah, big biceps and symmetrically carved faces usually gives a woody to almost everyone.

Then again, its good if you're underestimated at times, just suck it up and show them that brains and brawn can actually be said in the same sentence.

And remember to throw a bitchy look at the stereotypers when you've made it.

On another note, i think Betty and Daniel will eventually get it on.

Not that i watched the Columbian version, of course. *hides.

Stephen said...

Henry is a very nice guy but Betty and Daniel are practically a married couple already... so who knows. I do love this series though - especially Justin, who reminds me so much of my youngest nephew :)

I saw pikachu. said...

Oh, i think i like Amanda the most in the series though.

Her bitchi-tude and apparent bimbo-ism reminds me of well, me.

And i'll say it again, Bettaniel will be born.

savante said...

Nothing to awwwww about. Teashop owner, he's just trying to be funny :P

He frequently shocks me, legolas!

I like Henry too, jl and sam.

Hard work too, las montanas. He practically lives in a gym.

Not always, nyonya :P

So do I, queer ranter!!

Bitchy remarks, pikachu? I doubt Barry can come up with any nasty words. He's a really cool dude.

Stephen, I know we're rooting for Betty with the cuter guy but still.... there's Henry!