Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Fantastic Four

Don't be fooled by the title of the post. This isn't gonna be about the luscious Chris Evans donning tight-fitting spandex as the Human Torch. Not yet anyway.

Right now I'm doing a meme - tagged by Strapping Shane who obviously feels that I haven't done enough memes of late. Odd since I recall doing something quite similar not too long ago. Still since I don't have much interesting news today - and I actually spent the day with Charming Calvin - I figured I better not bore you guys with tales of our making out in Borders, pigging out at Charms or denigrating amazing frankfurters who read short histories of nearly everything.


1) Doctor. The end. For more details you only need to check out my posts on work. I mean come on, 4 jobs? Went from primary to secondary to university and straight to work. Seriously, slogging through medical school doesn't leave me much time for moonlighting so I've actually had one to speak of ( unless professional shopper counts ).


1) Lord of the Rings. Have I toldya the umpteenth times I've sat through the entire trilogy - the extended version? Really, I could probably imitate some of the stunts Legolas did - if I had his elven skateboard and his lithe, amazingly agile physique of course... otherwise I'd just land splat on the flagstones in need of emergency rescue.

2) Sound of Music. Like any gay boy my age, I think I've gone through a million reruns before we've had cable. Wasn't there a time when they seemed to shove raindrops on roses right into our mouths every public holiday? Until now when the dogs bite and when the bees sting - when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad.

3) Love Actually. Feel-good. Witty. Hugh Grant dancing in Downing Street. Rodrigo Santoro getting naked ( and impossibly rejected for a psycho overweight sibling ). Perfect for Christmastime and everytime I feel blue.

4) Sex and the City / FRIENDS - well, not exactly movies but I can't think of another I'd risk multiple repeats. But both these series are just amazing, no matter how many times I watch.

Rodrigo Santoro
You mean I was hot before 300?


1) London. Written about my British Escapades umpteenth times as well here and here.

2) Shanghai. Simply unforgettable feeling the seabreeze on your face as you take the ferry heading into Shanghai and see your first glimpse of the Bund. And did I tell ya the PLA soldiers are HAWT ( well, not the ones here but I saw one on the train that was fucking steaming pau hot )?

3) Paris. There's nowhere quite as romantic and decadent as this wonderful city for lovers :) And nowhere quite as terribly chic - making you feel like a desperate, indigent refugee just fresh from a sampan. Is there anything better than waking up in the chilly morning to open your french windows to a view of the Eiffel?

4) Istanbul. And ya can read it about it here! BTW the men there have to be the best-looking in the world, almost got whiplash turning around to catch the delicious hotties going by.


1) Marrakesh. Seriously, just imagine the monuments, the mosques and the men. Marvellous, I'm sure. And I'm sure I'll fill up my shopping bags with souvenirs from the bazaars.

2) Florence. God, again imagine the monuments, the museums and the men. Just as marvellous though I doubt I'd have that many shopping bags due to the shocking euro.

3) Xi'an. Yup, as you guessed it... monuments, museums and ( terracotta ) men. And cheap food also lah. Come on, you can praise the hell out of any regional cooking but for cheap hawker fare just off the streets, I think Chinese food is incomparable.

4) Damascus. Same as the rest though it's only monuments and the museums. I think staring at the men would have me drawn, quartered and then shot by some rebels for being a deviant infidel.


1) Curry laksa
2) Otak otak
3) Green curry chicken
4) Dim sum


Jonzz said...

Wow, you have reminded me of some of my most favourite foods as well.

Sound of Music... frankly, I've reached my saturation point. Julie Andrews so old liao, ha ha

Legolas said...

I have only one job too. Well, part time tuition teacher counts or not? Need more income to pay off the bills. Life is tough.

daniel said...

firstly... tim sum is not a dish... it's more like ala carte... well not is... it is ala carte...

secondly... friends/sex and the city... that's 2!!!



strapping.shane said...

Green curry chicken can get really boring once you overeat it. I should know - I used to like it too.

comrade.christian said...

damascus? hehehe. ;)

strawberry field's in pj new town serves very good pandan green curry chicken rice. i think you'll love it. :D

Stephen said...

I've been to the first 3 of your 4 places you'd like to visit, and they all deserve to be there. You missed the mosques out of the Xi'an list - the great mosque and the 'souk' around it are really worth seeing. No really.

I've not been to Damascus but I doubt that Syria is a particularly homophobic country, and it's supposed to be pretty secular.

And it is also on my list of 'top axis of evil holiday destinations', but somewhere below Iran.

Annie said...

Surely you jest.. One job - doctor? bwahahahah... Being a son can be a job.. as well as a friend and a brother and Uncle.. Wow, never even sold Lemonade on the street corner for money? mmmm... therapist..that's you.. and writer.. and.. you should give yourself more credit.

gaia19 said...

Istanbul would be an amazing place to go too. I found Paris dirty and sleazy - seriously.

William said...

Part-time jobs takkan takde? Mall promoter? Fst food joint drone?

savante said...

GASP. Jonzz. Poor Julie Andrews!

The part time tuition does count, legolas.

I love them all - dim sum I mean - and couldn't decide on one, daniel!

Depends on how you make it too, shane.

Christian, pandan green curry? How odd.

Ooh the mosques of Xi'an! Really! Will have to look out for it when I go, stephen.

Well if you count those other stuff, I do have tons of work then, anniieieie :) Thanks!

But you do know that I love dirty and sleazy right, gaia? :P

Not a single one, william.


Ban said...

Oooh, Damascus! Can get katana replicas for reasonable price there if I recall.