Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back When I Was 18

God, this is so cool and I just had to do it. Then again, it might be possible that the slight cold I'm recovering from has spread to my brain - and that deadly combo with the meds I'm taking - has left me with an inane high.

How else would it explain my sudden nostalgia for bad music?

1) Go to Pop Culture Madness site.
2) Pick the year you turned 18 years old ( for some lucky few that might just be yesterday... damn ).
3) Get yourself nostalgic over the songs that year. Write something about how those songs affected you.

Kids have always wanted to grow older but in retrospect I realize that we didn't appreciate some of the things we only had back back then - lack of responsibility, lack of endless bills and loan payments, lack of cellulite :)

Not that being thirty, flirty and thriving is all that bad.

But back to the bad music. Certainly was the return to innocence since the year was 1994. STPM seemed like years away at that time so in between infrequent mugging for our finals, we took some time out to enjoy ourselves. After all for the straight boys, it was the first time they'd been freed from the strict confines of our all-boys monastery into an all new and exciting co-ed world where all of a sudden we had blue pinafores in our midst mingling with our regular dark olive greens. Prior to this exotic Beauxbaton creatures only seen during tea dances and the ubiquitous tuition classes, girls were suddenly in and out of our lives on a daily basis.

For budding gay boys like me, it was a time of shocking bootie-call realization as I started mooning over some of my suddenly ( shockingly! ) desirable classmates - who'd miraculously transformed from loser geeks into fucking hunks behind my back.

That didn't stop us from having some innocent fun of course ( and some not so innocent fun proven by an oops-I-did-it accidental pregnancy :P ). The hotsteppers did a little bump and grind to Real McCoy and Ace of Base, cringed over schmaltzy Endless Love by Mariah Carey back when she hadn't slutted herself up into Skanky Mimi - yes, I am seriously that old - and of course, sang along with Sheryl Crow with her overplayed debut hit All I Wanna Do.

Mario Lopez
Yeah baby... meet me at the canteen for lunch...

Mellow crooners Boyz II Men were just hitting their stride then and as the party started winding down, lovey-dovey couples usually groped to the cheesy tunes of I'll Make Love to You and On Bended Knee. Of course my cynical ISO and I were much too cool to do any of that and usually sneered at the straight couples making out - at the same time trying to hide the fact that there was an odd tingle when our hands met over the punch bowl. Back then I was only slowly coming round to the fact that all I wanted after the exams was a wild night with my Whatta Man ISO.

Despite the fact that he had almost tossed up his dinner after drinking too much and had slicked his hair into a spitcurl with a jar of questionable grease.

Ah, 1994. How foolish we were.


Dashing Dan said...

Bah, Ace of Base! I challenge the cheesiness of your Ace of Base with Celion Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", and "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith in 1998. Beat that!

For all the rest there's "Truly Madly Deeply" by savage garden, "Ray of Light" by the big M, "Adia" by Sarah Mclachlan, "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

strapping.shane said...

Not too far ago I believe.

Back then I was still Linkin Parking with Numb, singing along with Ashlee to Pieces of Me, lamenting sadness with My Immortal by Evanescence, wishing for My Happy Ending with Avril, feeling bitchy with a little of Britney's Toxic, and asking all about The Reason that Hoobastank's got.

Hardly nostalgic. It's just yesterday. :P

Cyclohelix said...

Cant stop my cravings for the 90's hits (sheryl crow, maddie, spice girls, savage garden and whitney!) and although 18 @ new millennia, the newage hip-hop bombardments pushes me to appreciate j-pop or any genre with continous-chorus-laden-chants or high-strung-infectious-electronic-backings.. and Britney's Toxic still tops!

danielhenry said...

... 1994... OMG... antique... HAHA.

Alex said...

Ancient days.... have I reached my puberty yet?

Fable Frog said...

Hey i turned 18 in 1994 too~ and i still can remember all of the songs in the list. But my fav. hv to be streets of philadelphia, return to innocent, beck, smashing pumpkins, tori, sheryl... well, actually quite a lot la~ hahaha~ it was a good year... the year i came to KL....

danielhenry said...

... omf FROGGIE is also an antique... HAHA... well no suprise there... LOL... i was only 9... ok 10... haha. Paul my blog was never hidden la, just too many email addresses... so when i wanna comment it's not log in that's all... if the "hidden" refers to something else... that's also not true... there was all along suggestive comments. BLEH. ;o)

closetalk said...

mmm.. mine wud be 1999... when christina and britney first hit the spotlight.. and shania was crooning Man I Feel Like A Woman *squeals* and Santana was strumming Smooth, and Sugar Ray talked about Someday.... ooo, and Ricky the Great shook his bonbons. *sighhhhhhhhhh*

kon kon said...

lol!! being 18 years old was ten years later in 2004 for me ;p

but still, i know all your 1994 hits..

Anonymous said...

darn... u so reminds me that i m in the (almost) same batch as u!

damn i m old! (and so is u :p)

Janvier said...

Our friends and us crooned 'All My Life' 'Because Of You', telling others 'I'll Never Break Your Heart' 'Truly Madly Deeply' and that 'My Heart Will Go On' because 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing'.

Oh how full of song the 1990s were. *pines*

TJay said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I want to beat all of you with my artificial hip and cane!!!!

I'm turning 40 in 24 days! I was 18 in 1985!!!

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ! It's bad enough that I'm could be the biological Father to half our tutoring staff at my office that the rest of you need to remind me, ROTFLMAO!!!


You owe me a Burbridge/Sung update, GRIN!!!

Stephen said...

Am I pleased to see Tjay's comment!

18 in 1989 (but only just in 1989), so...

Like a Prayer (Madonna), The Best (Tina Turner), Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith) and Eternal Flame (The Bangles).

Prince of Darkness said...

Man what was I doing in the year 1994? Haha and how on earth you remember all that? Haha

savante said...

Not a challenge of cheesy music to be sure, dan. Though I actually liked Celine Dion.

You were 18 barely 2 days ago. back, shane :P I mean, AShlee Simpson!

Whoa, certainly went through all sorts of music, helix!

Rusty and dusty, I know, daniel! Only 9 then?! Good God.

Hey, you gotta be at least secondary school, alex!

Hey, we're the same age, fable frog!

Ooh boy, I loved Shania, closetalk. That was a pretty good year.

OMG, you were 18 barely days ago as well, kon kon. I am feeling creaky right now.

Isn't it sad, anon?

I do remember all my life, janvier.

Finally, someone older than me :P Thanks, Tjay! Will update the story when i get inspiration!

Eternal Flame has always been one of my fabourites, stephen.

I actually called my ISO to remind him of our decrepitude, prince of darkness :P


CRIZ LAI said...

Haha...I got tagged for this too. When I was 18, I was darn naive in just anything. As for driving, would you call ramming onto the railings and divider reckless?? :P

Thanks you your visit :)

Anonymous said...

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