Monday, June 11, 2007

Reasons to Be Nice

Be nice.

Seriously, I think it's a worthwhile adage to remember - despite the striking resemblance to the oft-repeated mind your manners reminders from Sesame Street. Always be nice to everyone regardless of gender, age or class status. Sounds like an unusually ironic statement from me especially since I've been known to excoriate mindless clumsy idiots for accidentally stepping on my Italian leather shoe - I blame it on my inherent bitchy Scorpion - but I'm certainly improving with my anger management classes.

Hell I didn't even throttle the trembling house officer today when Mumbling Minah muttered her way through an entire fabricated history - that later turned out to belong to a very different patient.

Paul : Stop. Did you just say 70 year old Malay lady? How old was she again?
Minah : 70?
Paul : I suggest you look again. Does she look 70 or Malay to you?
Minah : She's a 50 year old Chinese woman?
Paul : She's nodding. Yeah, I believe she's 50 and Chinese. I think the records got switched, go look for it.

Of course I was this close to strangling her with her limp stethoscope but I bit my tongue and relaxed my clawed hands, recalling Nondescript Nick. And calmed myself down. You see I've recently discovered that one of the benefits of being nice is you get rewarded with occasional good karma - and definite eye-candy.

Paul? Paul? You know my face is up here...

Nick is this fellow colleague of mine in the hospital, a quiet, serious fella who pops in and out of my life on occasion. Just an average joe who blends seamlessly into the background with his seemingly Mr Nice Guy characteristics. Always got along well with him which is why he started telling me about some of his work problems while we were changing for work in the oncall room.

Nick : Pretty tough adjusting to life here actually. I mean, the work is okay enough but the environment...
Paul : *Drool*
Nick : Paul?
Paul : Hush. I am talking to your pecs. Have some respect.

Average joe he might be but the fella has lightly-furred sculpted six packs to spare. Seriously, Men's Health cover for sure - at least from the neck down. Talk about an unexpected find, a literal gem in the rough. I think my tongue must have rolled out of my mouth since I was this close to chancing a hasty lick. Nondescript Nick with a six pack. I was speechless.

Obviously in between merging unobtrusively into the walls, the man finds the time to lift weights. Admirable. If it also turns out that Nick has a luscious foot long dong, I'm seriously gonna have a major paradigm shift.

So always remember to be nice to everyone. You never know when that average joe turns out to have abs you can drool over.

Or Minah's elder brother might just turn out to be the Malay version of Chris Evans.


Ban said...

The records got switched? Oh my goodness... that's terrible! @.@ Luckily the poor lady was a different race. >.<

I forgot that doctors get to see each other without much clothes on. :P

angel said...

I am nice, but where's my Candy? :(

comrade.christian said...

nice abs + pecs? *drools*

paul, you're taken already, don't be greedy. send him my way! :D

FamezGAY said...

Can I go into On-call room with u next time? I mean make sure nick is there too.. uhmnn! is there anyway to sneak me in? ekekke

Sue said...

I believe in being nice too, but switched medical records can lead to fatal mistakes or at the very least bad medicine! I was auditing this clinic where a woman's kids were mixed up and a pre-pubescent was confused for a post-pubescent and treated with growth hormones because she was so small and underdeveloped. Her larger sister was treated for being too big and over developed. The treating doctor was completely flummoxed when her mistake was pointed out to her and I don't think her jaw was up off the floor for weeks. No need for nicety there Prince Paul!

Hot guy in the change room! Who'd a thunk it? But you are so taken, mister. Better be careful... You can look, but touching is forbidden!

nyonyapenang said...

be generous...invest more in the emotional bank account.

Janvier said...

As we hates conflict we be nice - and sometimes we feels like we're a welcome mat. We maintains aloofness if we can't do nice.

But we agrees with Sue on mixing up the records. Surely she ought to have looked at the patient while going through the history?

William said...

Peach fuz on a six pack...

ethn said...

LOL Minah really 'cari pasal'.

i so agree w/ u on the part abt being bitchy AND scorpio. cos i sleep with one ;)

and yeah, it's nice to be nice esp. if u believe in karma

charleswanmushi said...

ur entries brought a smile on me and i really enjoy reading these bits in cyber space. ya witty, arent u!

charleswanmushi :)

jaded jeremy said...

I'm nice but where are the good stuff? karma delivered to the wrong person? ;-)