Saturday, June 23, 2007

Christian's Discovery

Apart from helping me discover the secret of Physician Peter ( and allowing me to ogle him ), one of the secret missions Comrade Christian has been entrusted with by the higher authorities is to discover himself. Not sure exactly what the objective of such an obscure mission would be but I am sure his holy superiors up above know better.

You see, shockingly enough Comrade Christian has recently professed himself to be an ardent follower of Sodom - a near blasphemous fact that surprisingly didn't cause his moral superiors to immediately order a cleansing bath of holy water followed by instant interrogation and excommunication. Seems like the recent revolutionary reforms of the church have spread down even to the lower orders leading a visionary few to exhort Christian to go forth... and discover himself - rather than multiply as it were.

Christian : Oh father, help me for I have sinned.
Father : Nowhere better to absolve yourself than at LaQueen. I'll even throw in dinner at Frangi's.

Searching for absolution!

And our novitiate has followed their urgent summons. From personals to park stalking, from bathhouses to clubs, from tea parties to foam parties; he has followed faithfully in the cum-stained trails of all those who have come before him. No doubt Sts Sergius and Bacchus are watching in voyeuristic approval.

And yet he finds himself unfulfilled - and distinctly disillusioned by the shallow, superficial homosexual world. Expecting to find that impossible prince charming to lead him to a happily-ever-after, Christian finds his fellow club companions far more interested in playing musical beds, testing out mattresses like latent commitment-phobic Goldilocks-wannabes.

Colour me surprised.

Since here comes the sad conundrum of the homosexual world. The futile search for monogamous true love inevitably brings us back to the ghettoized rainbow clubs most times ( not that many opportunities to socialize amongst ourselves after all ) - and yet luscious club princes who frequent such places simply aren't that interested in wedding after bedding. Rather than offering a fucking happy ending, they seem to be quite happy fucking ends. Inevitably even wide-eyed optimistic newbies find themselves irresistibly drawn to the seductive embrace of this pleasurable ( decadent yum! ) world.

Is it any wonder that a horrified Christian's probably contemplating a return to the monastery?


strapping.shane said...

Evil evil people and their evil evil ways. They scare the goodie-two-shoe newbies all away!

:: samasam :: said...

dude, haven't got a chance to read all ur entry in time la. later if i free ok..thx for dropping by in my blog yah +0 .. hug~!

coolgardy said...

I find this very apt but then again, there is still hope, at least 1% of the PLU population does go for weedding after the first fornication...

coolgardy said...

errr, spelling mistake, its wedding, not weeding...gosh, i just woke up!

m5lvin said...

maybe that's like a stereotype and people eventually acted in accordance to that like how self-fulfilling prophecy does......

it's like when you think you are smart eventually you will become smarter and so if you think gays will fuck around and not hitting the big bell in the church then fucking around and not saying "I do" in front of the priest is the thing to do...


jay said...

I've been disappointed thus far in the gay world and its lack of understanding of much more than sex but I refuse to give up hope. More people like me MUST exist.

comrade.christian said...

Disclaimer: Just so you know, Paul has made full use of his poetic license.

And no, I am not going to be a priest. :P

-C said...

Isn't this pretty much the same in the straight world? I mean it's not like mindless fraternizing and endless promiscuity are exclusive materials.

...I wonder if I could copyright them. I'd be a fucking trillionaire, pun intended.

Janvier said...

We've only head to the clubs either when there's friends who're going (because they're too busy to meet anytime else) or when we feel a need to be around similar company after being around straight folk for too long.

And all we ever do in the clubs is just drink :s

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Paul, muchos gracias for coming over. And for bringing Comrad Christian. And he would make a very good priest.

As for Comrade Christian, we make the best lovers because we already know about EVERYTHING we SHOULDN'T be doing! ;-) haha

nemesis-on-fire said...

come now :)

mass fornication isn't exclusive to the homosexual world :P

i think men will be men anyway.
and women also stray.

i'm no romantic, life's made me bitter and cynical :D but i do think it's about meeting the right person and connecting at a deeper level. and that it takes two to tango, (whatever)-sexual makes no difference :)

p/s: been missing your blogs :) i see you're as entertaining as always, perhaps even more so!

savante said...

Muahaha, shane. He doesn't look afraid though.

Not a prob, samasam.

True enough but it's a really small number, coolgardy.

m5lvin, I shall now think I am smart :P

They do... small in number but they do exist, jay. Go look.

Poetic license would also have me taking advantage of you in dark areas, christian :P

But imagine two guys together, c.

*grin* Nothing wrong with a lil bum and grind, janvier. I am not a prude.

Not a problem, allan and nige!

Glad to see you back, nemesis!