Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rambling Raoul

Quite amazing how little toddlers actually seem to develop a personality of their own! Guess there are some traits that are actually inborn in some of us - so much for the nurture not nature theory.

Like my brand new ( thank God it's a boy to carry on the family name!! ) lil nephew Rambling Raoul. I'm sure he's destined to turn out to be a dangerous little heartbreaker with his big quileless eyes, sheepish smile and decidedly stubborn chin but along with his drop dead gorgeous looks, the lil bugger seems to have developed a clingy personality of his own.

Not sure how it is but it seems impossible to ever place him down on a seat. Usually the boy's all charming, coy and cooing at every little thing I say - but just an instant away from the arms of his caretaker, Raoul immediately clams up before staring up in astonished consternation wondering exactly why he has been left all alone - moments before breaking up in ear-piercing sobs of loneliness over being summarily abandoned by his loved ones.

Yeah like all the best-looking boys, he has issues :) Lil Lord Raoul simply enjoys being carried around, his strong fists bunching up tight on our collars in case we let him go - all the whle hypnotizing us with his limpid, heart-melting goo-goo eyes. Sure I know he's all chirpy baby Sagittarius but I can imagine him in the future turning out to be one of those sweet, overly dependent hunks who goes like this.

Singletini : Night, sweetie. I had a lovely time.
Raoul : Night already. Surely you're not leaving me. All alone, querida. Why must we say goodbye? Each time we part my heart wants to die
Singletini : Raoul baby, you know you're my boo! Is that the sangria talking?
Raoul : Without your lovely arms, I weep. The night so very cold and lonely.

Surely I'm deserving of a hug at least...

Just hope the little charmer's lucky enough to find a singletini with arms big enough to love him :)

And if not, he has a gay uncle who'll find him one.


charming.calvin said...

I find him rather cute, well, a little bit peculiar behaviour, still, cute. I personally like that shocking look of him, which is like "Gasp! I'm being abandoned!" look on his face.

joshua said...

well I'm at the age where some of my friends are starting to have their are lovely most of the time but how dare they call me UNCLE JOSHUA :P

so Dr. Paul ever thought of adopting one day?

closetalk said...

lol, paul, did i tell u, ive got a folder in my laptop titled 'pauls blog', which has my fave-est pics from yer posts? lol. drool material. :)

mstpbound said...

aw i want a baby boo! :) haha except i'd probably kill it from neglect :/ i once killed a cactus by NOT WATERING it for too long.... -_-'''

Anonymous said...

That was just cute. :-) And yay! You won't be pressured to carry on the family name.

Palm Springs Savant said...

hey there...first time on your blog, just wanted to say hi. stop by and say hello sometime

William said...

A lady killer at his age. Starting them real young these days....

Janvier said...

Oh the sweet talk! How to leave? :D

Lance said...

Such a cute kid. Manja nyeeeee. :P

savante said...

Yeah, calvin, the lil fella is adorable.

Always thought of adopting. One day perhaps, joshua. THough the mind boggles.

Thanks, closetalk :P

You could hire a nanny, mstpbound!

Thank God for that! Took so much pressure of me, mark.

Hi, PS Savant!

Never too early to start them, william.

I know. He's a cutie, janvier.

Pampered as hell, I tell ya, lance.