Sunday, June 24, 2007

China Doll II : Stroll for a Troll

Seems like straight boys can be quite as unfathomable sometimes.

If the astonishing news of married ( and possibly insecure ) women raising vociferous protests against the entry of winsome China Dolls as foreign maids wasn't enough, I find myself even more surprised with the supposedly straight men! Rather than rejoice at the possible influx of Hot Hangzhou Honeys, more than a few men have written in to the papers fearing that the ladies would inevitably turn to a life of vice.

Not only do they fear losing their straying husbands to these Liaoning Lassies and Gansu Gals, now they think that these unjustly defamed ladies would also fall prey to the seamier side of life?

Ouch. I know. What a damning indictment not only on the fidelity of Malaysian men but also on the virtue of the mainland Chinese women.

Not that I'm necessarily agreeing with their skewed, perverted vision that female immigrants who seek work here would inevitably stumble and fall into the dark bowels of the city ( no doubt the sort of prejudiced, discriminatory puritans who blame rape victims for the act itself ) ... but then again I'm seriously taken aback by the comments! Did I hear correctly? Single straight men afraid of female prostitutes?

Somewhere in the seedy backlanes of Puduraya and Chow Kit, I think I hear a thousand fallen angels losing their tattered wings at the terrifying thought. What next? Socialites secretly boycotting furs and jewelry stores? Gay men launching unprecedented attacks against Pottery Barn and IKEA?

How can it possibly be that heterosexual men object to the presence of pleasure workers? :O What exactly would prompt them to admit to such seemingly irrational fear?

Sir? You called?

Much too revolutionary for this country at present ( even Charming Calvin would faint I'm sure ) but let me be the first to say this. Surely I'll be greeted with barely concealed screams of horror from the conservative bastions ( prior to raising pitchforks for mentioning such blasphemy ) but I'm actually in favour of legalizing prostitution.

Before you start throwing religious books my way, imagine this. Laws and regulations governing this much maligned profession - often dubbed the world's oldest profession! Not only would we be able to have a national registry therefore cleaning up the bordello and offering aid to the sick and downtrodden, it'd also be an important source of tax revenue for the nation's financial coffers. Simple enough solution, don't you think?

You want more wicked brothels? Hell, we'll tax you 300%!!
You hurt your rent boys? We toss you in the slammer!
You didn't come for your yearly medical checkup? We rescind your license and fine you!

Not only is hooking ( is that even a word? ) a far worthier profession than heist and hijack, it essentially hurts no one - but the hustler. After all the sex worker offers pleasurable services in return for monetary renumeration - and that's far less sinful in my eyes than mugging grannies and kicking them into the ground.

And please don't blame the poor call girls for that lapse into infidelity and the subsequent breakup of the family institution. Point the finger instead at the person who strays. Maybe it's time you lay the blame on the sinner instead of the sin.

But nevertheless I am open to objections. Speak.


Janvier said...

Shocking that straight men object to them turning into ladies of negotiable pleasures? More shocking would be if Msia legalizes it?

Cyclohelix said...

temptations, different styles but same old legacy...

Gauzzel said...

When culture takes paid sex as a norm of a society, prostitution becomes more of a business than of a sin.

And i think no one really cares about sinning in this era anyway...

nyonyapenang said...

a woman no matter what colour is still a woman.

nemesis-on-fire said...

honestly Dr. Paul,

although i'm a woman, and i have my reservations about adultery, and infidelity of any other sort, but i agree with u.

there is something seriously sick about a country that turns a blind eye to such horrible violence as murder but condemns most viciously sex for hire.

it's one thing to condemn sex workers if they have a control over violence and thieving.

but there seems to be a strange glee to all their Ops Maksiat, when i barely see much (not, none, mind you, much) Ops against violence.

sex, afterall, is, when u reach a certain age, quite natural.

so tax the foolish, hamsap men who would stray from their wives for the Chow Kit Lassies. it's only fair. the girls (who may sometimes be forced into their trade) would at least be able to have some sort of medical aid and protection.

the netherlands is a fine example.

after all, my boss said this at lunch today: intelligent men would prefer a monogamous relationship. because they know that in actual fact, their partner is a mere orgasm-enabler. so what's the difference between one partner and another? :P

savante said...

Shocking? I'd be stunned, janvier!

Silly don'tcha think, helix?

Wish they were that lax with the moral vices but they aren't, gauzzel..

Precisely my point, nyonya.

Nemesis is alive! I know. They should spend more time catching murderers and robbers and less time catching couples under bushes.


Psychosis Personified said...

got car and house loan? maybe i should switch jobs.

but i agree. after all europe sensors violence while sex is an open topic. you're gonna do it sooner or later.
but i really don't think i need to know the best way to decapitate someone and get away with it....