Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Brother

Each time I see Tyra Banks do a fieeeerce shot, I'm reminded of a workmate of mine, Ferocious Frank. Seriously he could give half the bitchy contestants on the model realty series a run for their money with his pithy parting shots. Since he's also a perpetual bachelor boy, I have been vacillating about pegging him as a fellow homo. Though Timber Tom ( who comes from the everyone's gay till proven otherwise school of thought ) simply has no doubts about it.

Turns out Tom was right.

All it took was one meal while Marvy Maarof and I stared agog from the adjacent table.

My usually ineffectual gay-dar went into a tizzy when I saw Frank having a tete-a-tete with a male intern in the pantry. Supposedly a lil adopted brother. Just when I thought the workplace couldn't possibly get any gay-er. Didn't catch them in flagrante delicto but with the obvious intimacy over their shared meal, there might as well have been candlelight and violins playing.

Sure interns are plenty in the hospital but with the strict hierarchy in the medical pantry, very few of us cross borders to share meals. It happens of course - but it's kinda hard sharing a roti paratha after giving a stern reprimand to them during the rounds earlier.

If only all lil brothers looked like this!

Of course it gets even more peculiar when we find out that the smooth-faced intern's not working that day. Surely the bland hospital fare can't be that irresistible. So Maarof and I smiled even as we eyed the duo with repressed glee over our cokes.

Turns out it's not the first time for Ferocious Frank. Even more suspicious when I heard he has an entire succession of cute little brothers. Though little would be an understatement since most would reasonably be in the nubile realm of their early twenties.

Maarof : He calls them adik angkat.
Paul : Seriously. That's what we're calling boytoys now?
Maarof : Not the first time I've seen them. You'll see him with a different adik every once in a while.
Paul : Giving oral lessons?
Maarof : You're so bad.
Paul : And does he spank them with a big rod when they get naughty?
Maarof : Maybe! I'm starting to feel we're both intruding into their together time!
Paul : They should so get a room.
Maarof : Hopefully not mine.

Even if the clandestine meets were utterly innocent - and they actually spent their time playing pinochle, I think there's a deep-seated spark somewhere there. Dorothy darling, I think you've found a new friend.

Adik angkat eh? Maybe it's I started throwing some brotherly affection around as well.


Kenji said...

Geez paul! You're so bad! Gossiping! Hahahaha! :P

Why is everyone talking about adik angkat nowadays!? First; Adik, Second: get to know better, Third: Sam kap pein... Yeah, you know what i mean! xD

Queen B said...
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Queen B said...

adik angkat??

that sounds so fishy~ ;P

Tanglebloom said...

puh-leeze. it's the lamest move ever. it's a known fact (in highschool anyways) that if a guy can't get a girl to be his girlfriend, he will instead make her into his che che (sister) and presumes to take care of her. pitiful attempt really. made me scoff more than once.

now it's being reintroduced in the gay community? seriously?

William said...

This has no relation with di association. :P

Ban said...

Your whole department is queeeeeeeer.

Jo said...

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if your posts will one day be compiled and become some big hit gay themed tv drama.

*Anton* said...

Bad boi savante! hehe


gardenofadam said...

aiyo, chinese also got la, long history wor, the min nan hua 闽南话,kuai hiang, 义弟is one of the concubine in the past in the fujian province lor