Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adulterers Anonymous

Seriously. You think you've seen it all when it comes to cheaters and adulterers.

Well in this modern age of science, technology and the internet, we have far more inventive ways to find forgiveness! Why resort to plain love letters that can be torn into pieces in a shredder? Why resort to long-stemmed red roses that can be tossed in the bin?

The OC
The cheap floozy behind me? No, she's only a friend!!

Obviously serial adulterer Kelvin Ng thinks so since he's been begging his wife to return through a series of videos, blogs and articles online. Cheating heart aside, he claims to want his wife Crystal back. Not only that but he caused a minor uproar when he knelt in front of a mall for ten hours to beg for forgiveness.

From his wife whom he cheated on multiple times. Three times to be exact.

Really. How about a round of applause? Standing ovation?

You know my stand on adultery and cheating. Think I've said it often enough. At least have some respect for your spouse. At the very least he could have given her a heads-up before boffing some other girl.

Wife : Hello?
Man : Hei, I'm fucking another chick tonight. Get some rest and don't leave the fucking light for me, on willya?
Wife : What?! What the -
Man : Laters.

Of course if I'm the wife, I'd have burnt his clothes, torn up the house and called the lawyers.

And yet I find myself sympathizing somewhat with this sad pathetic bloke. Though it's just too little too late, at least he's trying. Wonder whether he's actually thought it through - but no way is his poor wife going to return after being subjected to this humiliating all-too-public airing of their domestic disputes. Imagine being bombarded with apologies on such a scale! Any sane, sensible girl would balk at the very idea.

If not run away to hide under the witness protection program.


Legolas said...

The wife isn't exactly a saint either, but that remains to be proven.

Janvier said...

Think of the kids! What would they think?

Dang we missed seeing him!

Perky said...

My stance on cheaters & adulterers: don't ever take them back.

So here's my round of applause to the wife for not taking him back(or going to be ex-wife??).

Ban said...

If she were to take him back at *this* point, she must be balking insane.

JD Cole said...

i give the standing ovation to the husband~ ;P

Altantuya Feels said...

if i were the wife...

i'd take him back...then, hv an affair....record video of the love making process with the other man...

finally, upload it on youtube!

quicksilverlining said...

people shouldn't get married. if they're gonna stick together it should be through sheer force of will and not by legal binds. cuz obviously legal binds don't work, and it definitely costs more with the wedding and the shizzle and then then whole divorce thing.

Knoxxy said...

Hard topic! She should do whatever she feel's is the right thing to do.

Chris said...

I will do the same too if i am the wife..

Darren said...
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Niki said...

Tough one this. I think it's different for every relationship - and we really don't know much about it other than what he has said to the media.

Interesting that you used Rihanna's video in your post tho - because word is that she got back with Chris Brown even after what he did to her physically.

I don't know if I agree with her going back to him, but if she can find a good reason to get back with someone who smashed her face in, perhaps in other circumstances like adultery, the spouse can have reasons for getting back together?

William said...

Where did you get that first 2xist pic... and are there more??? :D

foongpc said...

Hi, first time commenting here. Drop by via Twilight Zone's blog.

Yes that poor guy. Cheated 6 times but said he cheated only 3 times as if that makes a lot of difference!

I think the wife should forgive him but not take him back. Reason is, who can say he won't ever cheat again? The trust is just no longer there.