Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Seoul of Ampang

With the hallyu wave making its presence felt on our shores, I'm sure most of us would like to have a little taste of Korea. Kimchi, bibimbap and barbecue are the more stereotypical dishes of course.

And maybe even some take home Korean beef of our own. After all judging by the male stereotypes on the endless Korean dramas, the gorgeous hunks all tend to be sweet, sensible and surprisingly subservient - especially to the sassier dominatrix females. Perfect husband material if you ask me.

Dennis Oh
Husband material!

So when we had a sudden hankering for Korean today, fortunately we had our dinner guide Dramatic Dior ( who has a penchant for all things K! ) to show the way. Didn't have to look all that far since it turns out we have K aplenty over here! Who knew!

Seriously. I was gaping like an unlettered rustic the second I stepped into that place known as Koreatown in Ampang. Turns out we have enough Korean expatriates to form a lil enclave all of its own with grocery shops, restaurants, bakeries and even a church! Just as I'd imagine it would be back in the windy north.

So authentic a place in fact - came complete with a light drizzle - that I expected a harried couple to come rushing out of the grocery stores with tears in their eyes while sentimental violins weeped in the background.

Boy : How could you leave me behind? Is it because you're the illegitimate daughter of my father whom he callously abandoned years ago only to find again as his secretary?
Girl : No! I cannot tell you. Your coldly civil stepmother warned me expressly not to speak.
Boy : I don't care about being disowned from my sinfully wealthy family. Tell me, oh sweetheart.
Girl : I am dying of an incurable disease! I only have six months to live!
Boy : Oh my love. What do I have to live for now!

Yes. Sappy sonatas in keeping with the hallyu dramas.

Didn't see all that many fair, sensitive protagonists about K-town though - and I did keep my eyes wide open. Not sure where they're hiding all the good lil Korean boys!

And dammit it turns out Lotte Market doesn't export all that many Daniel Henney lookalikes to our shores! So thankfully we brought a twink of our very own - since we'd shanghaied Lickable Luke to join us for dinner despite his vehement protests. He's fair enough to pass for a Korean anyhow.

So there we were - a couple of friends in K-town happily partaking barbecued pork ( and beef for our kosher Luke ) over an open charcoal fire as the rain pitter-pattered softly outside. Not that hard to find a little Seoul in the big city.


jase said...

oooo.. I just love K BBQ!! So delicious.. but after that.. the smell.. urgh.. horrible..

Tanglebloom said...

You're looking in the wrong place. It's like if you went to Crate & Barrel looking for a barrel, you'd be sorely disappointed.

Check out private colleges. Bountiful. And they come buffed and polished.

Ardo Wonder said...

Didnt touch the beef or "chicken" f.y.i.

JD Cole said...
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JD Cole said...

owh i just love to eat some bbq beef on top of a korean guy's naked toned body :P

and some "au naturale" protein splashes as the sauce~ LOL!!

Kenji said...

Lol... I didn't realise Malaysia has anything remotely Korean... don't go out enough! =.=

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

I love Korean food. Always been out eating Korean. Will post up some food photos in my blog.

Silly Little Prince said...


savante said...

I know! All the minyak floating, jase!

You do know I'm gonna stalk the colleges now, tanglebloom?

You're missing out, ardo!

Mmm.. gimme some of that protein, JD!

Surprising, right! I never knew we had such a place either, kenji. But it turns out it has been there quite a while.

Will take a look, mann.

Nanta to you too, SLP!


Darren said...

where is this place?

I got try Korean steamboat before at Melaka, quite nice experience~