Thursday, March 05, 2009

Simon Says

Back when we were kids, we had a childhood game called Simon Says with simple enough rules. Whatever the fellow tagged as Simon said, we followed very much to the letter. Sincerely hoping that it wouldn't be an outrageous demand. Fortunately we were much too naive and innocent back then to have nefarious Simons about.

Turns out lil boy named David took that lesson too much to heart.
He answered an advertisement to be a guest relation officer. Instead, David (not his real name) was photographed naked as part of an interview to be a gigolo. The 28-year-old salesman from here said he had telephoned a man called “Uncle Simon” because he needed a better paying job as he wanted to plan for his future.

Eventhough as it turns out, David isn't all that little anymore. His Simon wasn't as benign as well.

What? You want my shirt off?

In his search for a better paying career, not only did the hunky 28 year old follow exactly what Simon said, he also stripped naked for a photo shoot ( though he modestly covered the moneymakers ) at Simon's behest. Not for nothing is it called the flesh trade. Judging by the fact that Simon seemed to be quite impressed with the pictures, I would venture to say David has grown up plenty.

Only makes me wonder what else Simon asked David to do during the interview. Surely even an amateur wannabe gigolo would be required to show off some of his purported amatory skills.

Simon : Simon says take off your shirt.
David : Yes, Simon.
Simon : Simon says take off your pants.
David : Yes, Simon.
Simon : Simon says bend over the desk.
David : Gulp.

Poor David. Of course rather than following what he says all the time, Simon would actualy prefer David follow the strict instructions of his future employers! No doubt desperate housewives who peruse Simon's extremely visual guidebook for some sweet afternoon delight ( at Rm300 an hour! )!

But seriously. Where do they find such gullible, sexy Davids? I gotta find a few of my own since I have plenty of things I could do with a handsome fella. Maybe I should hook up with the enterprising gentleman called Simon here. With my liberal attitude towards prostitution ( which should be legalized dammit! ), perhaps a joint business venture?


jase said...

oh my.. if you ever find one.. I wouldn't mind having one as my man servant too! :p

Chris said...

R they role play? :p

Knoxxy said...

Save me one! hehe

GaGa West said...

yeah, i agree...prostitution should be legalized!! ;P

Nicholas Rashidee said...

simon says.. a great game in bed.. *giggles* kinda wonder whether david actually pretended that he didn't know what was going on ^^

Wart Tanabe said...

Oh well, such things actually happen. Most male escort didn't actually applied for that job but instead, ended up doing it still for the money. In fact I have such similar story. But no I am not a male escort, (Never made it) LOL

Mac Callister said...

is this true or a movie?im a little confused hehe

that guy in the photo is an actor right?he looks familiar

savante said...

I'd hire one myself, jase!

Oh I wish they would. Sure no one tried to hire you before, chris? :)

I'd beat you to the queue, knoxxy!

Gaga, I totally agree!

I think David pretty much knew what he was getting into, nicholas.

OMG. Tell all, Wart Tanabe!

The fella over there's James MacAvoy, mac.