Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shaking the Rafters

Gonna blog about something quite intimate, quite oddly embarassing actually. But if even Dr McDreamy can face up to such a problem, then so can I. In recent episodes of Grey's Anatomy, we find out that the titular character Meredith Grey grunts, growls and snores like a passing freeway which keeps poor McDreamy up all night.

He's not the only one.

Seriously. Charming Calvin snores. So do I ( or at least I assume I do ) but he tends to fall asleep like a log - almost instantaneous delta waves really! - microseconds after his head touches the pillow which leaves me, the miserable insomniac, staring at the ceiling for the greater part of the night while the stertorous generator besides me roars to life shaking the rafters.

Not exactly the way I'd want to wake the neighbours :)

Occasionally he asks me over to spend the night and though dying to agree ( who wouldn't want to get their hands on a piece of Calvin? ), I sometimes demur as best as I can. Not that I don't love the man but sometimes I need my 6 hours straight of sleep especially after a particularly busy week - or else I'll morph far too easily into the midnight monster Saint Wicked who chews up interns for breakfast. God knows sleep is such a precious commodity for me sometimes that I'd sooner trade gold for it.

But during the nights that I try to distract myself by counting sheep with my head buried under two pillows - while steam locomotives rumble around me, I tell myself I'm not gonna pick a fight. Certainly not worth crying over a snore or two. Unless you're a hermit monk living in strict seclusion alone, it's a common, mundane problem that the majority of the population faces one time or another. I'm a doctor. I know this.

What to do today?
Exactly how do I tell him?

Yet I find myself getting quite ( irrationally really ) irritable especially on mornings that I have to wake up early - and honestly since my year-long coffee embargo, my growling, grumpy morning self isn't exactly pleasant to be with. Of course that's made much worse when I haven't gotten my full quota of zzzs.

Of course Dr McDreamy solved his problems by getting ear plugs but I don't think I'll have to resort to that yet. My poor Charming Calvin. :) Forgive me, sometimes I really do need my sleep.


Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

haha...Allan snores too. So do I. But since I've been exercising, Allan says that mine's reduced to just rasping sandpaper. ;-)

But I've found a position where he doesn't snore. On his side. So whenever he's on his back, and he begins to saw at his sequoia forest, I save a few trees by poking him in the side and saying in my most peremptory stage whisper, "TURN!" And he does. And he stops! ;-)

jase said...

Snoring!? aiyor.. You're the doctor, snoring can be due to sleep apnea. Or some sleep disorder, do a check up on him. It may be fatal later in the future. I kid you not!

Sue said...

Ahah! My husband snores too! He has sleep apnea. I have used earplugs for years and they really help. I would not delay getting some were I you. I am also an insomniac and my entire sleep quality was helped by them. He went to a sleep center and got a C-pap too. He is does not snore when he uses it. :)

Anonymous said...

Just roll him to his side and the snoring should, at least, subside. You can spoon him, then. :-)

khalel said...

Mantra snores, my mom snores, my best friends snores, and i think my dog also snores! ShockS! Will try to make an orchestra out of them! lolz!

Thanks for droppin by and for the compliments paul!

Hope to see you frequent mah blog!


Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free

rad said...

I found that pinching the nose of a snoring person stops the snoring, the kind where I close his airway and let go.

Of course I would only do it when I was absolutely sure that said person wouldn't wake up from my stopping his breathing for a second ;p

hrugaar said...

To speak with perfect candour ... c.calvin didn't use to snore when he carried less weight. He used to growl like a tiger when he was falling asleep (very cute) and then settle into quiet slow breathing.

So by encouraging his appetite for scoffing lavish meals (and thus putting on weight) it seems like you've added to your own problems. :o\

Ban said...

Heh. Apparently my friends have a solution to that. Punch him on the shoulder lightly - he'll stop snoring for just long enough for you to sleep as well.

strapping.shane said...

Oh yes, I know how loud he snores - I'm sleeping in the hall and I can hear the quake in the room next door, loud enough to wake the dead.

My solution: kiss him on the mouth in his sleep and he'll shut up. =P

savante said...

Reduced to rasping sandpaper, nigel? Shall have to try that then.

Possibly, jase but I think we shall more conservative methods for now. :)

Ear plugs? But how do I wake up in the morning for work, sue?

Tried that too, mark.

No problem, khalel, it's lovely.

Pinching the nose? Won't that wake them up, rad?

True, we're cutting down on lavish meals anyway, ru.

Same here, ban. Won't physical abuse wake them up?

Much as I would like... but I can't keep my lips there for hours, shane :P


Sue said...

Get an alarm that you can hear with your ear plugs in. You probably already have one.