Saturday, March 31, 2007

Loft, Lobsters and Loot

Some of you must be asking so what did I do on the second day? Spent most of my time on the island today actually, which gives me a brief half hour to update since wifi spots abound here.

1) Loft
Waiters galore

Morning was a visit to the Loft, supposedly a trendy, upmarket dining concept. Think overpriced food court :) Still, the food was great, the view was excellent ( had a lovely panoramuc view of the North Channel ) and the service was sublime. Sublime meaning some droolsome young waiters in tight black pants of course ( unfortunately unlike the ones above ).

And did I mention they have free wifi?

2) Lobsters

Or sea creatures at the least. Think crabs and lobsters. Think seashells and mussels. And think in large amounts. Still happily ensconsced in communal living, my extended family doesn't order anything in small amounts and the plates literally overfloweth. Certainly a feast worthy of a mrauding army - which actually correctly describes the barbaric carnivorous lot that I'm related to :)

None of the crabs made it out alive , especially with my brother and my cousins hard at work sucking out every last succulent morsel of flesh. Getting heartily bored of the eating process, I made it out of the bustling seafood village and made my way to the mall.

You can't be expecting me to go fishing again after yesterday!?

3) Loot

Of course like any good counter-revolutionary, I just had to pay a visit to the local DVD pirate. Sure, the sophisticated KLite pirate can easily satisfy all my needs but lately with all the draconian raids going on, he has been lying low. Possibly keeping to his wine, women and song in some outlying pirate shack. Fortunately up North the sly, dyed-blond pirates seem to be a little more elusive to the unfriendly authorities since quite a number are still operating freely in these waters.

But isn't it the case that whenever I finally make it to the friendly DVD pirate, I find that I can't think of thart particular movie that I want to see?


alliterative.allvin said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Keep up the good work on the triply-alliterative headings.

xoussef said...

gosh! the waiters!

strapping.shane said...

You forget that Puchong has some pirated DVD sellers. :D

Jayelle said...

Hello there Dr!:)

A friend of mine(who has recently came out of the closet) gave me your link and I have to say, I'm besotted with your blog and am rather amazed at why you've not reached cult status after blogging for two whole years!

My friend, who studies in Singapore, and I are contemplating wearing t-shirts with the words "Bed Story, paging bed story!" and sit outside hospitals in Malacca(I'm rather familiar with the area, my mum grew up in Malacca), since there are only so many hospitals there.

:) We find you very intriguing!!
Keep blogging.:)

Matthew said...

WOW - nice waiters - :-)

Hope all is well buddy!

Shigeki said...

You didn't get to see any of hot hunky sweaty fishermen there?

Ryan said...

Dah-link, it's Foodloft, not just the Loft. I know the waiters there are cute, but you should have seen the cuter waiters when it first launched. The owners were *definitely* aiming for the pink wallet. Sadly it seems they have seen fit to replace the twinkish waiters with dark-skinned foreign workers.

Which isn't all that bad sometimes.

savante said...

Knew you'd love it, allvin :)

Only wish they really looked like that, xoussef.

True enough, shane!

OMG That's like the best recommendation I've ever had, jayelle! Thanks!

Glad you came by, matt!

Unfortunately most of the fishermen are usually old and crusty, unlike those we find in gay porn, shigeki :)

You've been there too, ryan!