Friday, March 23, 2007

Old is Gold?

Sexual peak.

Even the words makes me wanna titter coyly behind an embroidered fan just a little. Guess I do have a lil tranny hidden somewhere deep inside :) Scientists claim that women hit their so-called sexual peak in their early 40s while men reach theirs much earlier in their early 20s.

Have I reached the peak?

Although there are many who drool all over those glowing smooth-cheeked Bel Ami twinks, there are always some men who beg to differ.

Strapping Shane, as you guys know, is my friend who's in his sexual peak so to speak ( ooh how titillating! ). Oddly enough though rather than carousing with his similarly horny peers and indulging in mind-boggling sexual expeditions, he seems to have an inexplicable predilection for the elder, more mature gentleman - or as I call it, a virtuous vocation for caring of the elderly. Not sure how it is but shockingly, sprightly octogenarian grandpas pushing their walkers to the nursing home has our young buck getting nervous palpitations.

Inter-generational romance? Possibly a Freudian cry from his vulnerable subconscious for a missing daddy? Not to talk ill of the dead but perhaps even a touch of the Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome?

Shane : But old men are hot.
Paul : Have you been drinking?
Shane : No! They are hot!
Paul : That's the viagra talking.

Of course, Strapping Shane waxes poetically that men age as wonderfully as wine and cheese - which I actually find odd since most men I know either smell like bad cheese or stink like sour grapes. :) And sometimes taste like an eccentric combination of both.

I have my own thoughts on that since I think every man is an individual with his own peak, or perhaps different phases like the moon as it waxes and wanes. Think of Ken Watanabe. He had to be pretty hot years back but good God, look at how he heats up the screen now. I certainly wouldn't mind having him make a grab for my mizuage anytime. Then think of the hottie Baldwin brothers, look at them meltingly hot then and now. Oh brother, not sure exactly what those brawny boys have been eating but they sure haven't aged all that well.

Honestly, I used to think that guys just after 30 were irresistibly hot. Effortlessly confident, perfectly charming, travelled extensively and now comfortably settled in their lives and careers. The world is at their feet and they have just learned to enjoy themselves - without going all Boys Gone Wild about it like they used to in college. The perfect age.

Then I touched 30 myself and I can tell you, none of the above is even remotely true :P


Dashing Dan said...

I'm... old? *goes off to sulk*

strapping.shane said...

Admit it! Older men are hotter with age! Say it with me people! (or maybe I should wait for some support before I even try to rally my supporters)

jase said...

"And sometimes taste like an eccentric combination of both."

hmmm.. Why does it conjure images of a man in his white coat running around the hospital licking men? :p

connerkent said...

No grandpas please! hehe.

But I find men in suits particularly attractive. Japanese men like Lt. Ehren Watada (google him!) fit the bill perfectly.

All this talk is making me hungry. *drools* :D

hrugaar said...

When I was in my mid teens, just about any guy between fifteen and fifty could get my hormones buzzing. By the time I reached my mid twenties, I'd narrowed the age bracket down to about five years either side of my own.

Yeah, some guys age better or worse than others (Brad Pitt has so gone to seed) and some people are attracted to guys much older or younger than themselves. It happens.

Nowadays I don't set a great deal of store by age, any more than oustanding good looks. I'm more interested in personality and kindred spirit. That's just my quirk, I suppose.

gaia19 said...

I'm 19 and I wouldn't date anyone younger than me. I'd date some who was a few years older than me. Max would 5 or 6 years.


Difference is if you like dating men that are 10/15 years older than you. But as they say "age is all but a number."

Scientists claim that women hit their so-called sexual peak in their early 40s

We get to be mature earlier than men, and now this. Whatever next?

Will said...

Enjoy your 30s. I found them to be a great decade: young enough to still be doing the stuff I loved, old enough to be able to afford it for a change.

Since touching 40 I have questioned myself a bit...I still FEEL young but how will I be accepted by those with whom I want to spend time and go out and do stuff??? Fortunately, a few young men removed any concerns I had. I owe them big time for that.

savante said...

Bwahahaha, dan!

Go rally them then, shane.

Hardly licking, jase. But then again... :P

Ehren Watada! Sounds hot. Will google him, connerkent.

True enough, ru when i was younger almost everyone made me hot. then again, i still feel pretty mucgh the same now.

Well, as you grow older, the age gap does narrow a little, gaia.

Will try to enjoy my 30s, will, despite the creaking joint. What few young men? Can they help me too? :)