Thursday, March 01, 2007

Paperback Hero

Let's be honest here. No matter how I might indulge in trashy bodice-ripping romances, I think I'm certainly not cut out to be a paperback hero of any sort. Surely all heroes should be the embodiment of the strong, silent Heathcliff brooding over his lost love as he gazes moodily over the dark, windswept moors.

Such single-minded obsession sounds damned exhausting and since I'm quite the eternal optimist, it would take a whole lot of alcohol to have me brood that way over anything.

And yet I hear Heathcliff's not the only lovelorn hero trolling the proverbial moors. Hear of lovey-dovey Richandamy couples feeling like their chests have been torn open the minute their loved one leaves the room, that every fiber of their being weeps at the calamitous thought of being torn apart - and yet even with Charming Calvin miles away in a hill resort, I'm not feeling the urge to sing Ain't No Mountain High Enough yet. Sure the man is wonderful, he sings a mean karaoke and yeah, I do miss his company but I seriously doubt my world's simply gonna come crashing to a halting stop the minute he leaves town. After all, he's only gone for a couple of days and barely a stone's throw away ( if Superman were to toss that proverbial stone of course ).

Of course I have friends who have commented over my peculiar lack of sentiment.

Sentimental Sheila : He's gone for that long? Won't you miss him?
Paul : It's a few days, not a lifetime. It's a nearby hill resort, he's not moving to the wilds of Central Asia to join the travelling gypsies.
Sentimental Sheila : But you won't see him, right?
Paul : What? You expect me to pine away weeping copiously? It's a freaking three days at the least.

Of course I'm not the only non-Paperback Hero. I believe Charming Calvin's far too busy leading team cheers and blasting paint guns up in the mountains - certainly no time for him to beat his chest repeatedly crying over my absence.

Chris Carmack
How do I get back to my love?

Absence does make a heart grow fonder but it certainly doesn't mean that I should morph into a nervous wailing wreck, does it? :)


jase said...

nah. I'm sure the man can take care of himself. If he needs you he can call you, and I'm sure he has you on his speed dial! :)

Sue said...

Three days is not that long. If he were to be gone longer, then we would see if you missed him.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

I must admit to being one of those whose "every fiber of their being weeps at the calamitous thought of being torn apart." hehe

Allan and I have been together ever since we met and I find it hard to be separated from him. It's weird because I've always thought of myself as independent.

closetalk said...

o shucks. and here i thought u'd be doin my heart will go ooooonnnnn and oooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnn, ala celine. hehehe

strapping,shane said...

My man will be gone for four months, and if you actually start crying over the fact that dear godbrother Charming Calvin is gone for THREE days - you're out of your mind. =P

hrugaar said...

Yeah, it's only a few days and not far away, this is not the stuff of high drama or tragedy ... except maybe for screaming queens, heh. And these days with internet and handphones, even long distance separation for months is not the ordeal it once was.

William said...

Please don't morph into those typical Taiwan romance drama serial actors who descend into depression and wallow in self-pity and along the way discard personal hygiene and sanity. Kalo LDR... mampuih.

savante said...

Speed dial? :) You could be right, jase.

True enough, sue.

GASP, Nigel! You are one of those inseparable couples?

No celine dion here, close talk :)

You were bummed after one day, shane.

Same thought here, ru.

Yeah, they can be so dramatic sometimes but I guess it makes good tv, william.