Sunday, March 25, 2007

Paging Dr Calvin

Sometimes Charming Calvin surprises even me with his peculiar observations.

A while back citing extreme boredom - and some slight interest in the work that I do, an enthusiastic Calvin borrowed the entire first season of Grey's Anatomy from me. Since then I haven't heard a single peep from the fella about the scandalous goings-on in Seattle Grace despite my frequent references to the hit dramedy series. I mean thanks to the talented Shonda Rhimes and motley crew, who doesn't refer to passing hot guys as McDreamy / McSteamy these days? Not to mention McSluts and evil mistresses?

Hell, these days I can't even look at a nasal prong without thinking of a smoking patient.

Paul : You haven't even finished the season? The first season only has nine episodes! Surely you found it intriguing at the least?
Calvin : I am scared.
Paul : Of the blood?
Calvin : No! Just that the doctors are so bitchy! Bailey even warned her interns not to wake her up for anything stupidly insignificant!
Paul : And that's not good?

I do have a skewed perception too.

Seems like the persnickety, loud-voiced Dr Miranda Bailey aka The Nazi who terrorizes her subjugated interns and my frequent reports of the intrigues at work has scared the freaking bejesus out of Charming Calvin, especially since he's been having recurring nightmares of guest-starring as my bewildered intern. Certainly not a pretty sight.

Can't say that I haven't frequently wondered the same since he's just about the right age. Wonder whether we'd get along like a thatched house on fire ( steaming up the janitor's closet hopefully - though Calvin does have a strictly puritanical no-no policy against public displays of affection ) or whether I'd be the rigidly unbending martinet riding herd on him during the entire posting.

Paul : Dr Calvin, are you ready to start rounds?
Calvin : So early ah? I am still so sleepy.
Paul : Well, aren't we all? Let's go then.
Calvin : But.. but.. my breakfast.
Paul : That will still be there when we're done, Dr Calvin. Come along. As someone once said, it's a beautiful day to save lives. Let's have some fun.
Calvin : Okay, I am coming... Huff huff puff puff.
Paul : Why are you lagging behind? Are you coming?
Calvin : Huff huff....I.. I... need... air... running... out ... of oxygen...

( a pause and a silence )
Paul : Sigh. Nurse Zaleha, could you get a chair for the intern. I think he fainted.

Do I look like a happy man, Dr Calvin?

Hmm... no wonder he's having nightmares. I think I'd be eating breakfast alone and he'd be planning my unfortunate hypothetical demise during the rounds.

Fortunately for our relationship, we're in different fields :)


Spot said...

*Heart* bailey *heart* :)

If only The Powers That Be In TvLand would make a crossover with House. Would love to see Bailey crush the gigantass ego that is House.

Calvin's cute. From what I saw, anyway. :)

hrugaar said...

What's a nasal prong?

Lagging Dan said...

Ee hee hee hee hee... oh that's so funny. I can just see poor Calvin suffering under you as your intern.

charming.calvin said...

No matter how you treat me, I still love you anyway.

He he.

Thanks Spot, you make my day. :-)

savante said...

Ooh, I love Bailey too! Though my fave character is still Izzie despite her stupid heart-stopping moments, spot.

An instrument to deliver oxygen, ru.

We can both see that too, dan :)

Bet you liked that comment, calvin!