Saturday, March 24, 2007

Baring Fangs

Think my straightforward banter is pretty obvious by now. Just like any other overly garrulous person, when I speak my uncensored words come out pretty much fresh without edit from my disorganized thoughts. There's barely enough time to catch what I'm trying to say as it spills out pretty much like verbal diarrhoea, more so when I get my dander up.

Which is how I probably inadvertently outed myself to a relative stranger. Well, not exactly a stranger but a visiting physician that I'll probably never bump into again. Not sure how exactly we came to a point in the conversation where we were talking about places to visit in town.

Strangelina : Don't really frequent that place so much these days.
Paul : Really? Why? Place much too hot?
Strangelina : No, there are so many... gay couples there. Holding hands and walking. I mean I try to let my children mingle with them but I...
Paul : Find them disgusting? Nauseating? Inhuman?
Strangelina : No. No. Of course not. I mean, I want my children to be open-minded enough to mix with them without prejudice but...
Paul : Infect them with homosexuality?
Strangelina : Just that it's hard to explain when two ladies are together and... not that I think it's wrong or anything.
Paul : Big of you. We deviants thank you.

Admittedly I was being a bit nasty. Though I toned it down a little when she pulled back some of her hasty comments - possibly because she looked a bit scared when my wicked fangs started showing. Maybe even my horns since I could feel smoke rising from my head.

What did you just say?

Look, I'm far from being a zealous homosexual activist. Apart from the little rainbow pin discreetly pinned on my lapel, there's not much I do to broadcast the fact that I'm gay ( though you'd have to be hopelessly blind not to notice ). Never saw the point of telling everyone since that small fact shouldn't matter very much at all. Being gay is part of who I am but I certainly don't want it labelled and stamped prominently on my forehead.

But every once in a while, I just have to speak up and show my colours.

And this surprising comment from a supposedly modern liberal lady - so I can imagine what a bigoted religious conservative must think ( possibly electrocution and incarceration, not necessarily in that order ).

Well, zero steps forward, one step back for the budding homo movement.


hrugaar said...

Oops - nil points for Homo PR there, paul. :oD

Though from the way you tell it, the lady does have a valid point ... in that it is often hard to explain things that come from a different culture and lifestyle (whether gay, or simply foreign), especially when it's explaining adult matters to young children who don't yet have much frame of reference or experience.

Maybe she just needed some reassurance and inspiration on how to educate her kids wisely, rather than having her throat ripped out.

Oh well. Guess she can go home and tell her partner she was a victim of anti-straight prejudice. And then they can put on those white sheets and call out the Klan. ;oP

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

I think children find it far easier to accept different cultures/lifestyles than adults do - until the adults manage to educate some prejudice into them.

xoussef said...

parents tell there kids unbelievable stories and fairy tales about magic, monsters, and kids simply believe all that.. but when they come to matters like this they expect kids not to understand, not accept.. why? dunno!

defiant85 said...

Kudos for being loud and proud Doc. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with Stephen that kids do find it easier to accept a certain culture/education at younger age.

In fact there has been a debate about this in the UK recently about introducing sexuality education in schools for children.

I believe that if the law is passed, it would be a great move towards a greater acceptance among the young people.

We might not be able to enjoy the fruit today but in the years to come, the society would be less biased towards homosexuality. And hopefully one day, sexuality will not be an issue but a preference. Just like people choose to be a vegetarian!


Dave said...

Just like no proper sex education were given to people around my age. We have to explore sex ourselves, which can be pretty dangerous.

It's time to let the parents educating their kids on proper sex educations, so that they will learn to love this world without prejudice apart from birds mixing with bees.

Sam said...

Aiyo, she was just trying to say her point - don't attack her immediately lar. Take a diplomatic step forward - don't wanna bare the wrong fangs as a hissy gay man.

Wrong way to deal with something leads to one step forward, two steps back.

Anonymous said...

I teach kindergarten, I have two teenagers of my own and I am not gay - so here goes:

First, I don't get what is so difficult here to explain to children. You see these two ladies holding hands? Well they just love each other like daddy and I love each other. What the heck is so complex and scary about that? Just like you would not go into a the fine details of heterosexual intercourse when explaining the birds and the bees to a young child, there is no need to do so with gay sex. Children understand love, what is harder for them to understand is hate. Hate is scary!

My own children grew up in a contradiction of a home. My husband is a die hard Republican who is still not 100% sure that Bush made any mistakes. Me ... well look where I hang out? lol. I have gay friends, I am a reader and I include gay lit in my library. I don't shy away from gay movies. Sexuality was always discussed in my house, although most definitely in an age appropriate manner. My kids are now open minded, accepting, and call on their father when he exhibits irrational homophobic behavior. Guess what, he is changing as well!

My classroom is more tricky. I am dealing with other people's children, religious beliefs and moral standards. None of which I am allowed to interfere with in a public school. Although I don't push my own liberalism, I make sure that my own room is open and accepting. Barbies are for ALL the children as are the trucks. We have our annual play and the children not only select their part but their gender. Thus this year I have a little girl who was a prince in her story and will be a knight in our play. The parents are aware that it was the child's choice. If they want to change her mind, they can do so at home, not in my class.

I think younger people, at least in the US, are fast changing and are more accepting. They grow up on MTV which is always open about homosexuality. For instance, they have a game called NEXT in which young people select someone to date out of a choice of five (if I recall). So far there have been heterosexual, gay, and straight participants. I am not sure if transgender couples were introduced yet. If our theories about the great influence of TV violence on young minds are true, these minds should also be influenced by the acceptance of popular media when it comes to the sexual orientation.


Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Well done Paul. I do agree that it could have perhaps been done more diplomatically, but she needs to know that its not difficult to say "those two people just love each other." And leave it at that. Later, if there are more questions, can answer them

I think I would have even more blunt and tell her that I'm gay and that what she said could be offensive. Although I'm certain she didn't mean to be.

savante said...

I know. A bit unPC for me - and definitely zero PR. But you guys have got to know that it's not the first time I've heard such a comment. I think after the hundredth time, my patience has to be wearing thin somewhat.

TJay said...


As far as I'm concerned you said it well... You said it well..