Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dearth of Marriage

Each time I look around, I note with some surprise the number of eligible singletons remaining unmarried. Most hold down steady jobs, are reasonably attractive and I assume, of sound mind and body as well. Sure I don't expect everyone to pair up smelling of April and May - but still, springtime should come hand in hand with romance, shouldn't it?

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case over here in Malaysia judging by the latest news report on the shocking reduction in those choosing the path of matrimonial bliss. Amazingly the number of couples getting married last year is nearly half that of the years before! Not sure what caused this particular social phenomenon, whether there's dearth of wedding planners that year, a rise in wedding costs or whether the alignment of stars just weren't right.

But it's obviously those around my age who are staying away from the married crowd. While gay men are busy fighting for the right to be married, here we have those fortunate enough to have that choice refusing to tie the knot for inexplicable reasons of their own. Inexplicable to me since I've always been an eager advocate for marriage - whether gay or straight.

Say yes to marriage!

1) Little Miss Independent

Always had an issue with this particular argument. Does committing to an adult relationship and a piece of notarized paper mean that you sign away your independence? Surely the marriage institution isn't a revised form of conquest and subjugation! Sure, I've seen some lovey-dovey cooing couples ( prompting immediate nausea ) who subesequently merge into a single-celled organism with one mind, the dreaded RichandAmy Syndrome, but that doesn't have to hold true for all couples. I know most ladies these days prefer to retain some margin of independence but with the right Sensitive New Age Guy, I'm certain there's room for compromise there.

2) Paper Chase

Come on. I'm sure everyone wants to reach the pinnacle of their careers but that doesn't meant sacrificing everything else, does it? Make time for those you love. As I always say, no one ever goes to their deathbed wishing to remain an extra day at the office desk.

3) Endless Cohabitation

Or otherwise living in sin. :) Come on, I can see this indecisive test-drive bit lasting for a couple of years but for the course of a lifetime? Seal the deal dammit! Sure that little deed of paper doesn't make a marriage last unless the two individuals are firmly committed - but let's face it, that little deed does come in handy when it comes to legal matters, tax breaks and spousal benefits.

And come on, do yourselves a favour! Gay men have been fighting for the right to be married for decades, use that freaking right!

4) Rise of the Gayborgs

What can I say? Lately every which way I turn I actually see two guys holding hands ( or brushing against each other suggestively causing my latent gay-dar to ring alarmingly ) walking the malls, seemingly fearless of the repercussions. Is homosexuality really an infectious disease? Could the number of homosexual couples springing up in the closet account for those missing numbers?

Now won't that little fact just give our stolid statisticians a heart attack :)


jase said...

Did watching that show make you blog about this?

And yes, marriage.. isn't that what everyone wants.. maybe in point of their life? I sure would.. or not.. I don't know.. hehe :p

Janvier said...

Heh, when Wii skimmed the headlines Reason 4 popped straight in our mind. Wii wonders how many others feel that way too.

khalel said...

the strongest point, NO MARRIAGE WILL LAST UNTIL TWO INDIVIDUALS ARE COMMITTED (or a simple relationship for that matter) that fact has been probably been realized.

thompsonboy said...

There's no obligation to get married just because you can. And there's more to life than marriage, relationships and all that and if one choses be single and are happy with that face then I guess there's no ussue.